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French interactive teamwork startup Klaxoon partners with Dropbox to make its solution more accessible for SMEs, universities, and NGOs

French startup Klaxoon is an interactive teamwork solution to use in trainings, conferences, and meetings. Based on your content, you can create simple, playful and effective activities like quizzes, surveys, challenges, or brainstorming activities. Founded in 2014, the Rennes-based startup raised $50 million in a Series B round in 2018, and began a partnership with Microsoft. The startup now employs over 200 people and is used by thousands of organisations, including universities, SMEs, and NGOs.

Klaxoon is now stepping up its tech partnerships, having confirmed new ties with the American content-sharing company Dropbox.

Through the partnership, Klaxoon is tailoring its services to new teamwork practices, which now often involve storing collaborative data in a cloud. It will now be possible to use documents stored in Dropbox directly from the Klaxoon platform in a just a few clicks. The partnership will optimise teamwork by connecting Dropbox’s technical data storage solution with Klaxoon’s collective intelligence solution to enhance groupwork situations. The two solutions work together seamlessly, making it easier for teams to be more productive and efficient.

“With features that facilitate smarter teamwork, and more interactive business meetings, Klaxoon is also an ideal solution for students who want to optimise how they work collaboratively,” said Matthieu Beucher, founder and CEO of Klaxoon.

The two partner companies intend to bring this enhanced collaborative experience to the world of higher education. Klaxoon and Dropbox have already made names for themselves in universities and colleges and are determined to enable students from all over the world to collaborate in groups more effectively and to develop the teamwork skills that the employers of tomorrow will be looking for.

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Mary Loritz
Mary Loritz
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