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Freiburg-based biotech startup Cytena raises €3 million for its single cell printing technology

Freiburg-based Cytena GmbH is a biotech startup that develops single-cell printer technology, which allows for the isolation of single cells in a documented, gentle, and sterile way. Most of the top ten pharmaceutical companies currently use single cell printers like those developed by Cytena for the manufacturing of antibodies, in addition to other applications.

Founded in 2014, Cytena has just raised €3 million in Series A funding led by High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF). The new capital will be used to continue developing the company’s single-cell printer lab technology, expand sales activities, and tap into the potential of new applications more quickly.

The analysis of individual biological cells has rapidly gained in importance in recent years. Single cells are used in the development of modern drugs called biopharmaceuticals, as well as in cancer and stem cell research. The Cytena family of single-cell printers consists of laboratory devices for handling and sorting individual viable cells. These instruments are innovative tools for the life sciences and make a long-term contribution to the development and manufacturing of new drugs.

“The technological advantage of our single-cell printers over competing products does not mean that we can rest on our laurels,” said Cytena CFO Benjamin Steimle. “Rather, our goal is to better understand and serve our customers’ needs. The new capital creates an important basis for doing so.”

The investment will help the company to increase its market share; although the majority of the world’s ten largest pharmaceutical companies are already customers of the Freiburg startup, a very large global market potential is still waiting to be tapped. Important milestones along this path so far have included a sales cooperation with a major American company, and the addition of x.sight devices to Cytena’s product line.

“With our investment in Series A, we intend to continue the successful growth of our start financing,” said Dr. Lena Krzyzak, Investment Manager at HTGF. “The company has developed rapidly, and we have great confidence that the management team can continue expanding the market and continue product development.“


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