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Dutch startup Go Lemon raises €700k for its Apple subscription service

Apple products are famously expensive. Laren-based startup Go Lemon was founded to offer consumers an affordable alternative by leasing them.

Since it was founded in 2017, the company has already attracted hundreds of subscribers, and has now raised €700k in funding from angel investors.

As of March 2019 Go Lemon offers a monthly iPhone subscription, making it the first company that allows consumers to use Apple devices on a completely flexible basis, without purchase or minimum-term subscription, for a fixed monthly fee.

Unlike the purchase of Apple products via telecom providers, an iPhone via Go Lemon does not affect a consumer’s credit score, because Go Lemon is the owner of the phone.

“Of course, we carry out an extensive credit check beforehand. Users get a brand-new piece of equipment, insured and all,” said Bas van der Putten, founder of Go Lemon. “Should a device get damaged by accident, then we’ll immediately send a replacement. We want everybody to be able to use their favourite Apple gadget.”

“It’s old-fashioned to be tied to a long-term contract,” continued van der Putten. “People not only want to watch and listen but also call however or whenever it suits them. In this respect, Go Lemon is a product of the times.” 

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Mary Loritz
Mary Loritz
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