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Delft-based solar energy software startup Solar Monkey raises €1 million for international expansion

Delft-based Solar Monkey provides software for the design and remote monitoring of solar energy systems, allowing installers to design and offer solar systems without a home visit. The startup has raised over €1 million in funding, which it will use to accelerate the deployment of solar energy internationally. The new financing comes from 4impact and existing investors.

Solar Monkey has developed software in partnership with TU Delft that is easy to use and offers precise calculations. Solar Monkey customers experience a much more efficient process and greater sales conversion. At the same time, performance monitoring gives owners of a solar power system the assurance that their system is working well.

The company already serves hundreds of installers within the Netherlands, and is now focusing on international markets in line with its mission to accelerate the deployment of solar energy. At the request of its customers, Solar Monkey has already taken the first steps in Belgium. More countries will follow, especially where installers still have to use manual methods to prepare designs and budgets.

“This round of capital allows us to gain a critical competitive advantage while serving new markets,” said CEO Jan Pieter Versluijs. “We want to offer maximum value to our new partners and customers, so we invest every penny in improving our product and telling our story.”

“Solar Monkey is showing tremendous traction in the rapidly growing solar energy market,” said Pauline Wink, Managing Partner of 4impact. “We see the efficiency they offer through advanced software with great ease of use. That efficiency helps accelerate the energy transition. The opportunities for the company are enormous and we look forward to working with the dedicated team and existing investors so that the company grows both locally and internationally.”

Mary Loritz
Mary Loritz
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