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10 Slovak startups to watch out for in 2019

Slovakia, the small country in Eastern Europe, might have been overlooked by investors in the tech industry in the past, but you will be surprised about the exciting startups that have been founded there. So, which young companies are hot in Slovakia right now?

Interestingly, many of Slovakia’s up and coming startups on this year’s list are working to build a stronger ecosystem in the country – from platforms for professional development and to keep talent in the country, to SEO optimisation, a co-working scale-up, and companies that facilitate e-commerce. Below you’ll find a list with 10 promising startups from Slovakia, all founded within the past five years:

hubhubHubHub began in 2016 in Bratislava, and has turned into a network of coworking spaces throughout Eastern Europe, with offices in Warsaw, Bratislava, Prague, Budapest, and even London. But HubHub is much more than a set of fixed and flexible desks – striving to create opportunities between members, the community, and corporates to foster partnerships, ideas, and innovation. Its events and workshops are open to members and the wider community to promote professional development and support the growth of startups.

mangoolsEvery organization needs a website, and every website needs search engine optimisation (SEO). Mangools provides user-friendly SEO tools that are trusted and used by SEO professionals all around the world. Mangools had its breakthrough moment in 2017 when PC Magazine named it among the top ten SEO products. Since then the Mangools toolset has grown to also include Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP) analysis, rank tracking, backlink analysis and website analysis. Mangools SEO browser extensions are available for Chrome and Firefox. Subscription packages start at $50 per month with a 40% discount for an annual subscription. A free version is limited to 5 lookups per 24 hours, 50 keyword suggestions per search, and 100 backlinks per 24 hours.

vectaryWith Vectary, anyone can create beautiful 3D models with an easy to use, browser-based drag and drop design tool, while collaborating with friends and colleagues in real-time. Its 3D design tool enables even novices to create content for graphic design, game design, websites, social media, and 3D printing. Vectary eliminates the barriers to 3D and AR content creation – its platform is full of how to articles, tutorials, and inspiration, helping users gain skills quickly. In February, Vectary announced that it has become the first 3D/AR tool for CMS websites. Founded in 2014, the startup has so far raised $2.9 million across three rounds.

figuramaAnother 3D content creation platform, FIGURAMA helps 3D artists create and publish interactive experiences for all major devices, without having to touch any code. For ages, all 3D content produced by artists was a middle product, and had to be packaged into a game, app, or film by someone else with enough resources. With Figurama, artists can create the final product and sell it directly to customers. The startup has created a special medium, 3D Comics, which lets 3D artists build their own vision and directly monetise their own final products, completely changing the way 3D content creation market works. Based in Bratislava, Figurama was founded in 2016.

minitFounded in 2016, Minit is a software vendor based in Bratislava with expertise in automated discovery, analysis, auditing, and monitoring of business processes. Minit makes company data valuable, by providing visual insights into processes and highlighting opportunities for improvement, increased revenue and savings, and improved efficiency across the entire enterprise. Its customers include global blue chip companies and other leading enterprises including IBM and UiPath. In December 2018, the startup raised 3.3 million in a round led by Earlybird VC.

edocueDocu puts things on the internet using iTags: QR-codes, NFC chips, and, of course, the Internet of Things. Use cases range from the inventory management and ordering of pharmaceutical supplies to managing municipal garbage pickups by the pound. eDocu designs the system from per-unit tagging to handheld interface to cloud storage, potentially automating every thing. Among its products, eDocu lists Smart Company, Smart Construction, Smart Product, Smart Conference, Smart Health, and Smart City. Founded in 2014, eDocu was named Best IoT Central European Startup in 2018. The company is funded by the Asseco Group and is based in Bratislava.

expandecoFounded in 2014 and based in Bratislava, Expandeco provides comprehensive services for expanding your online stores abroad. Thanks to its wide range of services, such as online marketing, market analysis, fulfillment, customer service and many more, it ensures that you can enter new markets in a stable and profitable position. The startup helps you set up online stores and gradually settle into new, attractive markets to help you develop your business.

yeselfYesElf is an onboarding platform that facilitates the training and retention of new employees. The startup uses AI to monitor the work of experienced employees, analysing their activities using corporate software. Using this data, YesElf then teaches new employees how to use different programs, with nice visual guides that explain how to use apps or software in a simple way, with all their features and extensions, in the shortest possible time. Founded in 2016 in Bratislava, YesElf has raised €405k to date.

praxujFounded in 2016, Praxuj is a recruiting platform with a mission to give young students and professionals work experience, and keep talent within Slovakia. Its web portal is free and open to all students of all Slovak universities, to connect them with the opportunities they need to develop skills for their dream profession. Startups can search for trainees and graduates and advertise on the platform for just €49/month, while the fee for corporates is €169/month. builds conversational AI systems to help enhance e-commerce businesses. The object is to create outstanding user experiences at scale by leveraging Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to analyse, understand and derive meaning from unstructured text. Nettle specialises in conversational platforms such as chabots as well as text mining, entity recognition and intent classification for use in the banking, travel, leisure and telecom, and other industries. The Nettle platform helps to automate and streamline customer care, to augment sales and marketing, and to enrich communications across the entire e-commerce spectrum. Nettle launched in 2018 and is based in Bratislava.

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