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Startups from across Europe: Apply now to partner with BASF to solve digital challenges (Sponsored)

The German chemical giant BASF is breaking new ground in the field of digitalization, and calling on startups worldwide to form mutually beneficial partnerships to solve digital challenges. Startups can apply now until February 17 with their solutions to participate in BASF’s “digital challenges” initiative.

Digital products and services are solving problems and improving the customer experience – as well as creating new problems. BASF wants to find answers to the big challenges facing the world today such as food, housing, and mobility. It is also looking for internal solutions for how to improve its operations – how it produces, delivers, and innovates. Digitalization is a key component in all of these endeavors, and BASF is looking for startups from all over the world to tackle and solve these challenges together.

Selected startups will work on the “digital challenges” during three to six-month pilot projects with budgets of up to €100,000, gain access to BASF’s markets, the ability to scale, and funding from day one, while retaining their intellectual property. The best solutions will be rolled out globally.

Interested? Startups can apply now until February 17, or you can recommend a startup by February 13, to participate in “digital challenges” – gaining the opportunity to collaborate with a major corporate to develop their products and services. Participants who are successfully recommeding a startup get a luxury wine package as a reward, the selected startups will gain a lot more than that through their collaboration with BASF.

“With the ‘digital challenges’ we can use the valuable startup expertise for concrete digitalization projects,” said Thomas Paschkowski, Digital Technology Scout in the BASF 4.0 project at BASF. “In doing so, we are meeting startups at eye level and creating lucrative business opportunities for both sides. We are looking for finished products and solutions which can be quickly purchased and implemented in an accelerated process.”

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Mary Loritz
Mary Loritz
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