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Barcelona-based Datumize raises €1.8 million in Series A funding to improve business data analytics

Datumize​, a Barcelona-based company that helps companies capture “dark data” to make better business decisions, has announced a €1.8 million Series A round led by ​Alma Mundi Ventures​, a Spanish VC firm specialized in deep technology companies. The French VC firm ​SGH Capital, Spanish angel investor ​Javier Urioste, ​and other private investors and entrepreneurs also participated in the round.

Founded in 2014, Datumize creates actionable analytics for businesses to grow, boost sales and improve efficiency by integrating and transforming hidden data into new and powerful insights about businesses and their customers.

Datumize has discovered multiple sources of hidden data for different sectors, such as tourism, logistics, automotive, commerce, industry, banking or health. At the same time, it has designed the proprietary software that allows the capture of data transmitted through corporate (or internal) networks. This technology can also be used in cybersecurity and intelligence, to know what data that is transmitted without anyone being aware.

With the new funding, Datumize is planning to expand its product portfolio, exploring new verticals and markets to bring value to businesses by leveraging smart​ data. Smart Data is a part of the vast big data market mainly driven by the rapid growth in the data generated by organisations (for example due to the increasing adoption of IoT), and the urgent need to integrate this data efficiently into valuable business and operational insights, which is estimated to reach a value of $867.7 million by 2023.

Mary Loritz
Mary Loritz
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