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Urban mobility startup Zoov raises €5.25 million to roll out its e-bikes throughout France

With all the hype surrounding e-scooters in recent months, we’ve almost forgotten about their close cousin, e-bikes. French startup Zoov is an electric bike sharing service offering another clean mobility option for cities.

The startup has announced that it is raising €6 million in Series A funding led by daphni, C4 Ventures and Road Ventures. BNP Paribas Développement and the Banque des Territoires have also participated in the funding round.

Founded in 2017, Zoov lets people book an electric bike at any time of day, using GPS to guide them to their destination. The startup offers ultra-compact stations in the densest areas, requiring neither public investment nor civil engineering.

With the funding, Zoov plans to launch in four cities throughout France following a five-month trial with 200 e-bikes in the Saclay neighbourhood of Paris, in collaboration with local communities and around 20 companies. The startup will also pursue its product development plan by expanding its team of engineers and researchers.

“We have been impressed by the quality of the product, which is quite simply redefining the electric bike sector,” explains Pascal Cagni, Founder and Managing Director of C4 Ventures. “Designed in just over a year by an exceptional product team, it offers shared electric mobility services opportunities for growth that have never been explored before, and illustrates the unique French talent for innovation.” 

In particular, Zoov plans to offer companies a turnkey solution so that they can offer their employees an alternative means of transport by installing stations outside their premises.

“Mobility is a challenge that goes far beyond the borders of major European capitals like Paris, where there is competition between lots of different mobility companies,” said Amira Haberah, Zoov’s co-founder and Sales and Marketing Director. “Medium to large communities and many companies waiting for new mobility solutions have been won over by our bikes and our compact station model. We are working with all stakeholders around the country to come up with a solution that best responds to their mobility challenges, making sure it is sustainable.”

“Zoov fits in perfectly with our investment strategy, which favours services that can transform the lives of citizens and consumers,” added Willy Braun, daphni’s co-founder. “It is vital that mobility companies go beyond the borders of European mega-cities and grow in large urban areas, throughout the country.”

Mary Loritz
Mary Loritz
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