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Stockholm-based logistics startup Airmee raises €3.7 million for its “last mile” delivery platform

Stockholm-based startup Airmee offers a “last mile” distribution solution for e-commerce companies. It’s platform allows e-commerce companies to schedule routes for deliveries in real time, enabling faster and more flexible deliveries.

Founded in 2016 by Julian Lee and Adrian Prelipcean, the startup has just raised a €3.7 million round led by venture capital firm Alfvén & Didrikson. Airmee plans to use the new funding to expand its delivery areas and further develop its technology.

“We have seen a sharp increase in demand for our services from e-retailers,” Julian Lee, CEO of Airmee told Breakit. “Last mile is perhaps the last major barrier to e-commerce and we have a central role in helping e-commerce increase their conversion. At the same time, the reception from end consumers has been incredibly positive and we see that those who used us tend to choose Airmee again the next time they shop online.”

“There is great potential within last mile and Airmee has a unique research-based technology and an impressive team of operational expertise,” said Ken Liebkind, partner at Alfvén & Didrikson. “The team has managed to scale up its operations very quickly to handle large volumes.”

Also investing in the round were the investment company Creades, and Spotify investor Felix Hagnö’s investment company Trift, along with new and old angel investors and entrepreneurs.

In 2017, Airmee had a turnover of approximately €41k and in 2018, its turnover increased by ten fold on a monthly basis. The startup expects sales to increase sharply in 2019.

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