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Legal tech startup Helpcheck raises €11 million to defend consumer rights against big corporations

Düsseldorf-based legal tech company Helpcheck defends consumers against big corporations and insurance companies, for those who might otherwise be deterred from pursuing their rights due to high legal fees. The startup has just raised €11 million from a German family office.

Helpcheck was founded in 2016 by Peer Schulz and Phil Sokowicz as a “justice-as-a-service” platform for consumer rights, providing people with easy access to justice, especially in the life insurance sector. Following a free calculation of each claim based on an extensive algorithm, consumers’ claims are brought to court. Right now, Helpcheck’s team consists of 15 employees, and the platform currently only operates in Germany. The additional funding will allow the startup to expand into new areas of law.

Co-founder Peer Schulz said: “Our mission is to provide consumers with an easy access to justice using our digital know-how, hence giving them a powerful voice against large corporations. The latest round of financing will help us grow further and expand into new markets and areas of law.”

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Mary Loritz
Mary Loritz
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