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10 Dutch startups to watch in 2019

The forward-thinking and technology-driven Netherlands nurtures a long tradition of innovation and entrepreneurship. International talent, top-notch educational institutions and impeccable work-life balance have placed the Netherlands high on the list of startup havens. According to public sources, Dutch startups raised more than €500 million in 2018, demonstrating the enormous potential of the ecosystem. The Dutch capital, Amsterdam, is Europe’s 4th biggest startup hub.

In the beginning of this year we took a closer look at the Dutch startup ecosystem, in order to introduce you to some exceptionally promising companies. Below you’ll find 10 Dutch startups, all of them not older than 2-3 years, that will be making headlines in 2019:

Amber Mobility – This Eindhoven-based electric car and bicycle-sharing startup is convincing the Dutch that sharing is the new owning. As reliability and convenience are becoming a priority in the transportation sector, Amber is currently providing a fleet of 140 fully electric BMWi3 vehicles, so far servicing 2,200 active users in nine cities in the Netherlands. Currently, they are piloting a business car sharing service in Eindhoven.

Convious – The global heavyweight winner of Get in the Ring Startup Competition 2017/18 uses AI to deliver personalised price offers for online visitors, by measuring, predicting, improving, machine learning, designing and iterating every part of their journey. With Convious’ ‘willingness to pay’ algorithms, it is easy to recognise customers’ buying intents and win their interest back.

Digital Insurance Group – Claiming to be the next generation technology partner for insurers, banks and brokers, this insurtech company is providing fully customised mobile-first insurance experiences at record speed for its customers via its data-driven insurance platform. It was founded in 2017 as a combination of the world’s first digital insurance broker Knip and the leading Dutch insurtech startup Kompar.

Felyx – This startup is another riding the e-scooter wave in disrupting urban mobility – however unlike the other e-scooters we’ve seen cluttering our city sidewalks, these resemble motorcycles and are meant to be ridden on the road. Locals in Amsterdam and Rotterdam can easily locate, reserve and activate e-scooters through the Felyx app. Founded in 2016, Felyx has already raised €4.1 million in funding, has over 50,000 registered users and is planning an expansion to the Hague. The new green shared way of transport is sure here to stay.

Hiber – Less than 10% of the globe is covered by IoT-ready connectivity, and Hiber is trying to change that via their nanosatellite-powered solution. Since 2018 two HiberBand nano-satellites have been flying over the earth’s poles 16 times per day and the equator twice a day, bringing IoT connectivity to the vast majority of the world. The winner of the Accenture Innovation Award for 2017, Hiber will certainly bring endless opportunities to both people and planet.

Light year – A group of Solar Team Eindhoven alumni is in the process of developing the first consumer electric car with integrated solar cells capable of driving 8,000 to 10,000 kilometres per year on solar energy. Lightyear One is expected to be driven on Dutch roads in 2020. Until then, they are collecting funds ($6 million Series A), partnering (automotive engineering company EDAG) and picking up awards (Climate Change Innovator Award at CES).

ScanMovers – Aimed to provide the best moving experience possible, ScanMovers provides an online platform where customers can receive quotes by moving companies, compare them and select the most appropriate one for them. In 2018 they partnered with insurance broker Meijers and launched a brand new moving insurance for both private and company moves, and in December they raised a €750k seed round.

Shypple – As a digital forwarder, Shypple’s mission is to make global trade virtually frictionless. Known as the “Booking.com for sea freight” Shypple provides its customers with an easy-to-use dashboard to book freight shipping directly, quickly compare sailing times and price quotes, and track shipments in real time. Royal Textile, Flow products and TWF Europe have already reduced hassle, communication effort and costs thanks to them. Who is next?

Wonderkind – Second year in a row, the Amsterdam-based startup finds its place on own list. As one of the fastest-growing HR-tech companies in the country, Wonderkind matches passive talent and employers combining artificial intelligence and hyper-targeting via apps, websites, social media and email, helping corporates and staffing agencies to reach quality talent that otherwise would have been missed.

Factris – Founded with the goal to help European SMEs, Factris is handling their invoices, so they can concentrate on the real work. Factris is an online invoice factoring platform providing working capital to businesses by buying their unpaid invoices, in exchange for 0.5% fee per invoice. Backed by Speedinvest, Factris is turning invoices in cash in 24 hours, leaving behind happy customers.

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Bojana Trajkovska
Bojana Trajkovska
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