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Swiss startup Scailyte raises €2.4 million for its AI-based single-cell data analysis

Single-cell data holds the information needed for early disease detection, but extracting this information is complicated, requiring sophisticated computational approaches.

Luzern-based Scailyte develops AI-based software for the analysis of complex single-cell data to enhance biomedical research, pharmaceutical discovery, and precision diagnostics. The software’s algorithms allow it to associate patterns in single-cell data with disease status, similar to the way methods for object recognition associate pixel patterns with objects.

Founded in 2017, Scailyte has now raised €2.4 million in seed funding from Swisscom Ventures, Zürcher Kantonalbank, and existing shareholders.

The startup’s software, ScaiVision, will be launched commercially in the beginning of 2019. Using deep learning AI, the software analyses single-cell data in days – a process that previously took weeks or even months. ScaiVision can analyse and interpret big, complex datasets in a few hours, unlocking the potential of single-cell data for research, drug discovery, and diagnostics.

The new capital will be used for Scaivision’s market launch and for further product development, so that it is more accessible and attractive to a wider range of customers.

There a huge potential for single-cell technologies in medtech and biotech. The renowned magazine The Scientist, has just published this year’s Top 10 Innovations, and four of the featured technologies are for single-cell analysis. According to The Scientist, the advantage of capturing this biological information on the level of a single-cell is revealing the variety within tissues that is not detectable in pooled samples, which may allow scientists to more accurately detect disease specifics.

Peter Nestorov, CEO of Scailyte AG, said: “The future of healthcare is about detecting and understanding valuable information hidden in complex data patterns. With our AI-based software for single-cell data interpretation, we will accelerate biomedical discovery and enable the next generation of precision diagnostics. With the support of strong partners like Swisscom Ventures and Zürcher Kantonalbank, we will grow to become pioneers and leaders in the fast emerging Single-Cell Analysis market, enabling the clinical application of single-cell data.”

Pascal Winnen, CEO of Hemex AG, who will be joining Scailyte’s board, commented: ”Hemex has supported the development of several innovative therapies and immediately recognized the potential of Scailyte’s technology to unlock ‘big data’ in order to find more precise, personalized cures and even detect diseases before they manifest clinically in patients. We are proud to join Scailyte at the forefront of AI single-cell data analysis.”

Mary Loritz
Mary Loritz
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