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Amsterdam-based Healthy Workers has raised €1.5 million to create better office environments

Many Dutch office workers are dissatisfied with their work environment – because of cold, lack of fresh air, bad furniture or noise nuisance. A bad work environment in turn can cause stress, productivity loss, and physical and emotional problems.

Amsterdam-based Healthy Workers aims to make office environments more comfortable and improve employee well-being with its smart building technology. The startup has just raised €1.5 million, led by Cairn Real Estate, with participation from Dura Vermeer, Impact Vastgoed, Eddy Smit, and real estate developer Daan van der Vorm. The startup previously raised €500k in 2017.

Founded in 2015, Healthy Workers’ software platform makes office buildings more intelligent using objective sensor-data as well as subjective data from employees. Its sensors measure things like the indoor climate and CO2 levels, while employees can share their opinion on their work environment and their well-being in Healthy Workers’ app. They can, for example, share how they experience the facilities, whether they are able to concentrate, and if they have any physical problems.

The platform collects this data and shares insights with facility managers and employees, advises interventions, gives smart notifications, and produces reports as to how to improve the environment for workers. Companies pay a fixed fee per month per square metre for the service. Healthy Workers currently covers 75,000 square metres of office space in the Netherlands.

Healthy Workers founder Boy Lokhoff stated: “We are honored that, in addition to Cairn, companies like Dura Vermeer, VORM Ontwikkeling and MVGM are expressing their confidence in our product. The Netherlands has over 54 million square meters of office space. It is our mission to make those healthier and more productive. Employees should have an optimal workplace experience at the office every day.”

Daan van der Vorm (VORM Ontwikkeling) added: “Our stake in Healthy Workers emphasizes our ambitions to create healthy buildings for our clients and to also keep the indoor climatic conditions of those buildings optimal.”

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Mary Loritz
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