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Spanish tax advice startup Declarando raises €525k to help more freelancers pay less taxes

Self-employed people in Spain, known as autónomos, have to pay notoriously high taxes. After an initial grace period, autónomos are expected to pay a minimum of €275 per month. Not only is being a freelancer expensive, but the paperwork is a headache. Meanwhile, big companies are able to avoid paying their fair share by hiring tax managers.

Based in Castellón de la Plana, a little town located between Barcelona and Valencia, Declarando is an online tax advice platform to help freelancers who know nothing about laws save both money and time. The startup has just raised €525k in a funding round backed by Sabadell, Bankinter and Encomenda.

The startup’s virtual tax advisor helps freelancers discover all of the expenses that they can deduct, with savings of up to €4k per year in taxes.

Marta Zaragozá, co-founder and CEO of Declarando, stated that the company’s mission was to “help Spanish freelancers pay less taxes every quarter,” while helping their clients to save time and ensuring that they clients comply with all tax regulations.

Through Declarando’s platform, freelancers can register with the government as autónomos in just a few minutes. It’s virtual tax adviser then helps you with the accounting of your business from the beginning, allowing you to file government tax forms and quarterly tax statements through the platform. Paying customers can access extra services, including automated accounting and personalised tax advice, with plans from €33 to €139 per month.

Founded in 2015, Declarando already has over 20,000 users throughout Spain, and is growing at a rate of around 15% per month. The startup plans to close 2018 with a turnover of over €200k, and expects to increase that figure by a factor of five in 2019.

Mary Loritz
Mary Loritz
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