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Marketing platform Splio acquires mobile customer engagement startup Gowento

Paris-based omnichannel marketing platform Splio, which combines marketing automation and loyalty marketing, has acquired the French tech startup Gowento, a mobile customer engagement platform founded in 2014. Gowento allows companies to promote themselves through mobile wallets, using existing apps on users’ smartphones.

Headquartered in France, Splio has offices in China, Spain, Italy, Poland, and Brazil and serves more than 500 clients. Neither Splio nor Gowento have announced the purchase price yet or any other financial details regarding this acquisition.

Rabye Marouene, CEO and co-founder of Gowento stated: “The smartphone is the main interaction point between a brand and consumers, and more precisely its customers. With over 2.5 million apps available on the market and an average of twelve apps used regularly per consumer, the smartphone has become a high priority in a brands CRM strategy. We built Gowento to respond to this challenge by using apps already available in smartphones, such as Apple Wallet, Google Pay or Google Chrome and Samsung Internet.

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Mary Loritz
Mary Loritz
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