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Berlin-based Solvemate receives millions in financing for its virtual customer support assistant

Tired of waiting on hold for the customer service representative? Berlin-based startup Solvemate uses its virtual assistant to automate customer support, helping companies save money and provide faster customer service. The startup has recently closed a seven-digit round of financing from Picea Capital and Venture Stars.

Founded in 2015, Solvemate’s virtual assistant uses structured multiple-choice questions to quickly identify the customer issues and offer the right solutions. Unlike natural language processing-based chatbots, Solvemate’s virtual agent is capable of solving complex problems within seconds using AI. The company also uses machine learning to continuously improve its virtual assistant, and keeps track of customer problems, providing analytics on its dashboard.

Solvemate will use the funding to accelerate its growth in Europe, especially in the DACH region, with the goal of tripling its sales in 2019. The company will also use the new capital to further develop its algorithm and invest in new marketing activities.

Erik Pfannmöller, founder and CEO of Solvemate, comments: “To automate customer support, you do not need millions of dollars. Solvemate’s Software-as-a-Service helps companies achieve this goal much faster and much more effectively. The successful round of financing is a proof to the excellent results we deliver to our clients. Solvemate is well on the way to revolutionising customer support.”

Fabian J. Fischer, co-founder of Picea Capital, adds: “We are pleased to help Solvemate become the global leader in virtual customer support platforms. Solvemate’s past successes, the company’s future plans and the founders’ overall vision have convinced us.

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Mary Loritz
Mary Loritz
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