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French startup OuiSpoon raises €500k to improve employees’ quality of life

Quality of life at work is a crucial issue for companies. It builds an attractive employer brand, makes employees feel happier and more productive, and keeps talent on board. Paris-based startup OuiSpoon‘s goal is to revitalise the workplace and improve employee well-being by creating communities at work through activities between colleagues.

The company’s SaaS platform allows employees of the same company to create groups around common interests, both personal (such as geographical origin or hobbies) and professionals (such as skills or projects), and to create and participate in various activities, inside or outside of the workplace.

Founded in 2016, OuiSpoon has just raised €500k from several business angels. The startup will use the funding to become more than just a marketplace of activities, but a full social network that brings together various communities within a business. The young company also plans to develop new features such as peer-to-peer trainings based on the skills that employees have in their profiles.

Raphael Maisonnier, co-founder of OuiSpoon, said: “We see the company as a giant community that is home to smaller communities defined around common interests. We are more than a corporate social network because we rely on physical meetings. We do not want the connection to be just virtual.

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Mary Loritz
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