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10 Monaco-based startups to watch in 2018 and beyond

The Principality of Monaco is a beautiful microstate located on the French Riviera. Thanks to its mild climate and gambling facilities, Monaco has become a popular tourist destination, and due to relatively low taxes (no income tax) also the home base of many rich people. Monaco, the second smallest state in the world, has also been increasing its efforts over the past few years to attract startups. We have therefore taken a closer look at the growing startup ecosystem there with the goal to introduce you to 10 Monaco-based (or Monaco-incubated) startups that are worth checking out. We have focused on promising startups than have been founded no later than 2015. Here they are:

Afflurent-logoAfflurent: Founded in 2015, Afflurent is a sports and luxury car rental search engine. A bit similar to booking.com, which is a platform for booking hotels, Afflurent is a platform dedicated to booking sports and luxury cars. The startup doesn’t own the cars but has partnerships with car companies. Afflurent aims to provides help and solve two problems: (I) comparing supercars rental prices in advance of the booking itself, (II) booking sports and luxury cars at the best possible price.

Defcom-logoDefcom is a young company that develops new, accessible data protection and encryption solutions. Founded in 2015, Defcom is on a mission to protect freedoms and rights of every person. They choose Monaco for its reputation of being one of the most protected states. They have built two communication products: DefTalk and DefMail, which are highly protected communication services with friendly user interfaces, secure connection over the world and a great amount of options.

Hyve-logoHyve: Founded in 2017, Hyve is an event dedicated social network. Hyve is a mobile cross-platform application, allowing the purchase, the gift but also the resale of event tickets. An application that organizes your events from the beginning to the top. With its range of additional services, you can reserve your trip, a place to sleep, or use any other sharing service related to the world of events.

Laneva-logoLanéva was founded in 2018 and aims to design and develop electric and smart boats that fully integrate the concept of connectivity to offer a new boating escape. The Lanéva boat is the perfect expression of the interpretation of the “Modern Luxury” concept: silent propulsion, sustainable materials and cutting-edge technologies. Lanéva designs and develops electric and smart boats that fully integrate the concept of connectivity to offer a new boating escape.

Mindus-logoMindus provides trend-breaking sustainable technologies. Founded in 2015, the young company has built the iizi platform to simplify the making of apps and give the opportunity for any individual to build an app with a single cross-platform development offering real-time services through streaming. They go further by encouraging and rewarding all developers for their work and dedication with iizi. They believe they can enrich and shape tomorrow’s digital for future generations.

Monoeci-logoMonoeci: Founded in 2017, Monoeci is a cryptocurrency startup from Monaco. The Monacocoin project Monoeci will operate in Monaco’s shops, through payment terminals, smartphone apps for shops owners, credit cards and ATMs. In the near future, the startup wants to be accepted for all transactions within the Principality, from shopping to buying a car or an apartment.

ONHYS-logoONHYS is a crowd simulation system that was founded in 2015. As cities are getting bigger it is of the essence that we re-think how we design them and ensure that people can move within them smarter and safer. ONHYS specialize in pedestrian simulation softwares, that assist city planners experience their makings before they get out of the ground, placing the people at the center of concerns. This startup has raised €800k.

SKYdeals-logoSKYdeals is the first digital solution of “Inflight Shoppertainment”. An e-commerce site, dedicated to connected travelers and offering temporary sales of exclusive, targeted and discounted products and services available at arrival or while transferring. In addition to offering exclusive deals to passengers, they developed a unique technology called the “dynamic commercial flight plan” that allows them to entertain passengers during their flight (Fly over offers / Group Buying offers / Instant sales). Founded in 2017, SKYdeals is now deploying its solution with airlines in France, in the U.S., in the Middle East and soon in Asia. They have raised €500k and their ambition is to become the world’s largest in-flight shoppertainment provider within 3-4 years.

The-Vegan-Outfit-logoThe Vegan Outfit: Founded in 2017, The Vegan Outfit is an online shop which connects vegan designers and manufacturers from all around the world with conscious consumers looking for high quality, and 100% animal cruelty-free products. The Beausoleil-based startup “The Vegan Outfit” might be a valid solution for anyone who believes in a better world but does not want to compromise on style.

YouStock-logoYouStock has been founded in February 2015, in Monaco, to offer a better storage solution to the market. The objective of Jacopo and Alexis, YouStock founders, is to propose a concept that can free space for personal and professional environments while saving time and money. They have built an application for ordering storage boxes of all sizes, storing unused items and storing them in secure premises for a specified period without moving from home.

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Gapur Tsorojev
Gapur Tsorojev
Gapur lives in Paris, is passionate about entrepreneurship and took part at the European Innovation Academy. He is also the founder of The VC Review.


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