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Anti-AI chatbot provider Landbot lands €1.9 million funding deal and moves from Valencia to Barcelona

Landbot, the Valencian startup that was part of our big pitch competition at this year’s EU-Startups Summit in Barcelona, just secured €1.9 million in a funding round led by Nauta Capital, which interestingly was also present in the jury of our pitch competition with the participation of Guillem Sagué. At our pitch competition, where 15 promising startups (out of 510 applications from across Europe) participated, Landbot made it to the 3rd place. With this funding round, they now scored even bigger!

The seed funding round, which was announced today, was joined by Bankinter and Encomenda Smart. Landbot will use the fresh capital for brand marketing, to grow the team, and to relocate from Valencia to Barcelona.

Launched in 2017, Landbot lets users (mostly small businesses) create conversational websites, but unlike other chatbot platforms, Landbot is focused on helping companies with lead generation and without riding the over-hyped AI wave. Landbot is based on a freemium model, which means that a limited version is offered for free and more serious Londbot users pay a monthly subscription fee.

Landbot CEO Jiaqi Pan stated: “With Landbot we are democratizing the power of chatbots so anyone without technical knowledge can easily build a complete conversational flow in minutes. With the new funding, we will further improve the UX of landbot for final users, enhance the building process and rebuild our chat management system. We also plan to add new product lines to cover the complete spectrum of customer journey from lead generation to customer support.”

In less than one year, Landbot already has over 900 customers from 50+ countries with a 30-40% MRR Growth MoM. Their next move is relocating their head office to Barcelona to get stronger visibility for international talent and triple their employee headcount.

For more info about how it works, check out the short video below:

Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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