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10 European startups with the potential to disrupt the HR industry

Over the past few years, the HR tech landscape has been shifting to a more automated and customer-centric approach. A new wave of HR related startups focused on combining AI, HR, process automation, human consulting, referrals, anonymity and matchmaking emerged across Europe. Some of these fast-growing HR startups have realistic chances of significantly changing recruiting, payroll, training and people’s management processes in the near future. This week, we took a closer look at the HR tech landscape with the goal to introduce you to 10 HR startups from across Europe with potential to disrupt the HR industry. Here they are:

JobRocker-logoJobRocker is an online job search portal that connects applicants’ CVs with job openings using a proprietary algorithm and further human driven consulting work. The Vienna-based startup was founded in 2016 by Günther Strenn. JobRocker aims to close the gap between headhunters and recruitment agencies and offers a pretty new concept in an old market. It enables you to harnessing the power of automated matching with human driven consulting for hiring. JobRocker raised €1 million in a Series A round in November 2017, led by Surplus Invest.

ZapiensZapiens is a collective intelligence platform that’s both fun and easy to use. Use Zapiens to maximize your team’s collective knowledge. Founded in April 2015, by Ivan Arrizabalaga, Marina Vidiago and Samuel Ordieres, Zapiens is helping companies find gaps in knowledge, formation and communication through Q&A gamification and artificial intelligence. Zapiens was the only finalist from Spain in the Pirates Summit and also won the B2B prize in the South Summit 2017 conference. So fare, the young company secured about €200K in seed funding.

Moberries-logoMoBerries is an automated ranking system that matches applicants with companies searching for new hires. Founded in 2015, Berlin-based MoBerries takes a big data approach to recruitment. Its in-house developed hiring platform uses a proprietary automated ranking system that matches applicants with companies searching for new talent. It receives 10,000 applications weekly. The goal now is to build a screening bot for selecting candidates before interviews, as the founders deeply believe the candidates pre-filtering phase can be fully automated, having considerable scale gains impacting its users. MoBerries closed a €1.8 million seed round in May 2017.

HiBob-logoHibob is an all-in-one, cloud-based HR & benefits platform that gives fast-growing businesses a better way to engage and manage their employees. The London- and Tel Aviv-based startup was founded in 2015. The HR platform concentrates on various human resources related processes and workflows. From benefits to work documents and from pension plans to recruiting, the platform also provides specific data about corporate culture and employees, streamlining admin and improving employees’ experiences with a smart mobile app, through an inviting onboarding and survey tools. The rich real-time data in bob gives decision-makers valuable insights and helps employees feel more connected to the people they work with. Hibob raised about $25 million so far and is currently busy expanding into foreign markets.

Jobbatical-logoJobbatical is a matchmaking platform for people looking for international jobs in the tech and creative sector, and for companies which hire remotely working employess. Jobbatical was founded in 2014 by Karoli Hindriks, Allan Mäeots and Ronald Hindriks. Their online platform assists candidates to search for positions in technology and creative sector internationally. With users in excess of 220,000, from more than 196 countries, and having raised $7.9 million, Tallinn-based Jobbatical enables people to work from where they feel happy in terms of location, instead of working in the same boring office/location every day.

Productive-MobileProductive Mobile was founded in 2014 and aims at making humans more productive, by simplifying and automating manual tasks. The Berlin-based startup wants to become a leader in the nascent field of Human Process Augmentation (HPA). Their software revolutionizes the way enterprise software workflows are built, optimized and automated because of its fast implementation and lower costs, making humans more productive, by simplifying and automating manual tasks that still require human interaction. The startup’s software enables customers to quickly design simple, modern and personalized applications, and easily connect them with a company’s existing IT infrastructure, using software robots to connect any application or workflow, which can also be used to automate tasks or run applications in the background. So far, Productive Mobile raised about €3.4 million in seed funding.

MeetFrank-logoMeetFrank is a Tallinn-based startup which offers an anonymous recruiting App. The MeetFrank app works as a chatbot and interacts directly with applicants, using AI and machine learning. The app analyzes the needs of users and proposes job advertisements that match with the candidates’ profile and abilities, from the jobs pool. If the user is interested in one of the suggested positions, he or she can start a private and anonymous chat with the company to find out more about the position. The Estonia-based HR startup was founded in 2017 and their app excludes discrimination and increases diversity in the work place, as it does not collect information about age, gender, or origin from its users. It counts an excess of 125,000 users in Scandinavia, the Baltics and Germany. Hummingbird VC, Karma VC, and Change Ventures invested €1 million in the Tallinn-based startup.

Opening-logoOpening.io was founded in 2015 by Andreea Wade and Adrian Mihai in Dublin, and it uses AI to make the recruitment process entirely data-driven. AI enables users to narrow down candidate pools based on role-specific criteria. It has context aware capabilities and task orientation and performs analysis in bulk quantities of candidates profiles. It gathers important information from each resume, like education, experience, candidate code, portfolio, abilities and ranks everything against all other candidates, matching them to suitable jobs forecasting salaries and exposing data harvested insights. This results in up to 40% less time spent in the recruiting process and 90% of the shortlisted applicants move to the call phase.

Healthy-Workers-logoHealthy Workers: Founded in 2015 and based in Amsterdam, Healthy Workers helps large companies such as UWV and IBM gain insight into employee well-being and the quality of life in the office building to provide so-called “interventions” that provide a pleasant working environment and happier employees. The startup combines environmental data with science-based people analytics, to uncover actionable insights. In August 2017, the HR technology startup has raised a total of €500K of growth capital from six investors.

Personio-logoPersonio: The Munich-based HR-management and recruiting platform was founded in 2015. The startup offers a holistic HR and applicant management software designed for companies with 10 to 1000 employees. Their solution plays a critical role in making the day-to-day business operations of HR teams more efficient, transparent and effortless, while respecting German privacy standards. So far, the company raised about $14.3 million to push its SaaS-product and establish itself as Europe’s leading HR software for small and middle-sized companies.

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Bernardo Arnaud
Bernardo Arnaud
Bernardo lives in Vienna and has been consulting and advising companies for 18 years in fintech, commodities trading, telecom assets management, messaging, jobs marketplaces, agribusiness, luxury, e-commerce and SaaS. He founded a few companies throughout his entrepreneurial journey.

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