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High-Tech Gründerfonds makes and celebrates its 500th investment (Sponsored)

Shortly after the successful second closing of the third fund and the IPO of NFON – the first flotation in the portfolio – High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), together with Thüga AG, are making their 500th investment: Geospin develops software solutions for analysing geodata and, just two years after spinning-off from the Albert-Ludwigs University in Freiburg, is receiving a 7-figure cash injection!

The fact that HTGF has already reached this third big milestone this year is both motivation and a reason to celebrate. “We aim to use the valuable experience we’ve gained from 500 startup investments more intensively in our day-to-day business in order to expertly support the founders. A very varied network of 885 experts has evolved from the contacts we have made since 2005, and we use these systematically”, reports Dr. Michael Brandkamp, Managing Director of High-Tech Gründerfonds.

“Our 500th investment is further proof that the startup scene in Germany and Europe is yielding terrific ideas.  It really illustrates the great innovative energy, visionary technologies and business models the creative heads in our country are producing. We believe in Germany’s founders and that they are strengthening Germany’s economic place in the world”, adds HTGF Managing Director Dr. Alex von Frankenberg.

Customised offer for startups

Since 2005, Germany’s most active early-stage investor HTGF has tested more than 14,500 innovative business models. The resulting 500th investment followed shortly after the announcement of the second closing of HTGF III (€316.5 million). With customisable conditions and a higher volume, the third fund can now react more precisely to the demands of startups. It offers up to one million Euro in the first round of financing; a total of up to €3 million of capital is available per company. And HTGF can invest alone, supplement existing rounds and bring in its network of investors.

Continually searching for innovations

After the game is before the game – therefore the HTGF team is always heading towards the next milestone. Dr. Michael Brandkamp stated: “Our aim is to make around 30 new investments this year. Thus we’re on a daily lookout for new startups with innovative ideas and the ambition to develop a really substantial company and do something fundamentally innovative”

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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