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crème de la crème raises €3 million to become the leading community of freelancers in Europe

The Paris-based startup crème de la crème today announced a new funding round led by Alto Invest and joinded by exsiting investors like Alain Thibaut and Loic Le Meur. Founded in 2015, the startup’s objective is to confirm its European leadership while accelerating its growth in the UK.

Originally founded in Paris, crème de la crème has created a product which connects companies with a highly selective community of freelancers. Their community is exclusively comprised of experts in their respective fields: tech, data, design, marketing & communication. Thanks to its community the French startup is now challenging the established market of digital agencies. Most companies working with these agencies were fed up with the limited flexibility and lack of expertise they offered, especially for the latest cutting-edge skills and techniques. They have been seduced by both the service & product that crème de la crème have built.

The startup is now helping more than 5,000 companies thanks to their unique selection methodology. In order to exclusively offer the most relevant profiles, crème de la crème have created their own selection algorithm supported by a team of experts within the company. The company’s objective is to offer its customers a high-end experience through the selection of profiles, project management & efficient support. Some of their most notable clients include L’Oreal, LinkedIn, Airbnb or BNP Paribas, all of whom repeatedly use the service.

The challenge is ambitious: ​develop the leading selective community of freelancers in Europe.​ What’s interesting is that they intend to do it in several disciplines: tech, data, design, marketing & communication. With strong core values such as excellence and care, crème de la crème’s community is one of the most active communities in Europe – especially in France – and is currently accelerating its development in the UK with the opening of a London office last month. More than 3,000 freelancers based in the UK have already joined the community. According to some of them, not only were they seduced by the value proposition of the company but also because of the community they’re building: it’s based on mutual support, sharing and in general helping each freelancer to achieve their goals together. Moreover, crème de la crème facilitates team working, allowing members of their community to work on projects as a team. This works particularly well for those projects that may require complementary profiles (ex: designers & developers).

A special internal team works on the selection & creation of these teams. Ultimately, this allows the managers that are outsourcing projects to focus on their core activity and obtain quality results via crème de la crème.

In order to offer more flexibility & freedom for their community, the startup is about the release the first European ​mobile application for freelancers.​ They’ve already made it available to certain members of their community through private invitations. It will be officially released in September of this year.

The mobile app will allow freelancers to manage their projects, engage with the rest of the community, invoice & receive money and be assisted in the administrative challenges they may face. In spite of Brexit, the company has now also incorporated in the UK, striving to comprehensively establish their presence and help local professionals. More than 500 companies in the UK have already taken advantage of the service.

Jean-Charles Varlet, CEO of crème de la crème, stated: “​We think that the UK is filled with talented freelancers, yet managers still use their personal network in order to find freelancers. We’ve decided to help scale that process and use a unique product to gather all of their freelancers together.”

By the way: If you’re interested to join a fast-growing startup like crème de la crème, make sure to check out the EU-Startups Job Board.

Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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