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London-based Knowledge Officer raises €675K to solve the “Skills Gap”

London-based EdTech startup Knowledge Officer has raised €675K from angel investors including Ian Hurlock who was previously a VP at Fox Interactive Media and Abdullah AlShaheen. Founded in 2017, the startup was initially bootstrapped for almost a year and already managed to attract more than 1,000 users.

Ahmed El-Sharkasy, the co-founder & CEO of Knowledge Officer, stated: “We see the world is shifting into discovery and recommendation more than search. You open Netflix and watch the recommended films, you do the same with Spotify to listen to the best relevant music and even with Amazon, people are discovering items that they even did not know they want to buy! And as you don’t know what you don’t know, we want our product to serve the future of recommendation and discovery in education and learning.”

Knowledge Officer was founded by two London-based Egyptians – one of them was previously the first engineer at Onfido.com and has been taking part in the EF accelerator program last year. The startup was founded with the goal to change the way professionals learn online.

According to Knowledge Office, the journey starts when you decide whom you are aspiring to be. By choosing your hot topics of interest and your current level of knowledge in each, the Knowledge Office gives you a personalized learning path, curated from top resources. Along your journey, you’re challenged with engaging quizzes to assess your learning progress and help you fill any gaps. The more you learn, the more learning credits you earn.

“You just tell us more about yourself and what are your career goals and we take you on an the best and most engaging learning experience step by step. You don’t want to go to a MOOC to search for courses because you probably don’t know what you need to search for.” Added Ahmed, the co-founder & CEO of Knowledge Officer

Knowledge Officer plans to follow a freemium subscription model for users and they also intend to launch a premium model for SMEs at a later stage. The startup will use the investment to grow their team and achieve product-market fit. They currently have ten in their team working from two offices in London and Alexandria.

Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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