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FutureFunded: Support the new generation of women in tech. Now!

We need more women in tech, right? Year after year, I hear people, companies and organizations saying this rightly and repeatedly. But often it stays with exactly that: Nice words, well sometimes also bad words and accusations, maybe some interesting ideas, but way to rarely these statements and plans then end up in real actions.

At EU-Startups we celebrate people who take action! A few days ago I had the chance to sit down with Laura Fernandez, the Co-Founder & CEO of FutureFunded. The Barcelona-based startup does exactly that, it takes action and aims to bring in more women in tech, by helping them crowdfund their education in renown coding schools.

FutureFunded just started its very first crowdfunding campaign. This is the perfect timing for all people that rightly advocate for women in tech to put their money were their mouth is. This first campaign ends in 5 days and will help 25 year old Tatiana from Barcelona to become a Full Stack Developer. Support her now!

The next campaign is already in preparation and will be launched later this week. For more information about FutureFunded, please check out the interview below, which was recorded in collaboration with our partner itnig.

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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