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Opinion sharing tool Opinary raises €3 million to strengthen its presence in the United States

Opinary, a Berlin-based startup that allows users to share their opinions in online content, has closed a €3 million funding round with operational VC Project A. Existing investors Global Founders Capital, Motu Ventures, and several business angels like Rolf Schrömgens (CEO, Trivago), have also participated in the round.

Opinary was founded 2016 by the siblings Pia and Cornelius Frey and their Co-Founder Max Meran. Today, their tool helps more than 70 million monthly users to share their view with a tap and understand opinion trends at a glance. The startup has offices in New York and Berlin and will use the capital to strengthen their presence in the United States by deepening their relations with publishers, brands, and agencies. The fresh capital will also help develop the tools and technology further. With this new setup, Opinary aims to reach 100 million users per month, to provide them with a better understanding of the sentiment in key debates and empower them to share their voice in just one tap.

Pia Frey, co-founder and responsible for Opinary’s operations in the US: “Our vision is to give people, users, and consumers a voice in key debates and provide publishers and marketers an alternative to Facebook, in order to build and convert loyal audiences outside a closed network. This makes our technology even more relevant in the U.S. right now.”

Opinary’s technology enables users to share their opinions on key issues from within online content with just one click. Interactive tools such as the Speedometer and the Multiple Choice Tool provide users with an overview of different opinions while giving them a voice to participate in the debate. This helps publishers to engage, understand and monetize their audiences at scale and see how trends evolve.

In its German launch market, Opinary has become indispensable for publishers who want to listen to their communities and convert engagement into loyalty at record-breaking engagement rates. Advertisers and brands use Opinary to make themselves heard in a way that’s much less intrusive than traditional online ads. Opinary’s tools offer them a new digital marketing channel that empowers them to tell engaging stories, gather insightful first-party data, and reach pinpointed target audiences in premium environments.

Florian Heinemann, Founding Partner at Project A, stated: “Brands and advertisers have to use the power of storytelling. Traditional forms of digital advertising are soon not only going to be technically blocked but also to be completely ignored by the audiences. Opinary offers an authentic, scalable and accurately fitting channel to reach an audience in a premium environment with engaging and valuable content.”

Opinary already partners with a large international network of publishers like NBC, The Times, The Guardian, The Independent, HuffPost, Spiegel Online and BILD. In Germany, more than 60 media companies use Opinary to boost their users’ value by converting them from passive one-time visitors into loyal and engaged communities in new and easy ways.

Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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