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London-based AI expertise startup ProFinda raises €5.4 million in latest round

The AI-powered “expertise finding” platform ProFinda has just raised a follow-on funding round of €5.4 million from a number of investors, including VCs Notion Capital, Nextlaw Ventures, and some strategic Business Angels. The new investment will help ProFinda to change the way that organisations discover and tap into internal expertise and knowledge.

ProFinda’s AI-powered engine helps to address a key issue in many companies – the fact that they are brimming with amazing knowledge that is wasted because firms cannot identify the skills that exist within their workforce. ProFinda’s AI-powered engine builds a dynamic map of all the skills, knowledge, connections and expertise available across a company. Machine learning helps to match the people with the right expertise to others who require their assistance. ProFinda gives firms an accurate birds-eye view of all the knowledge contained across their entire talent pool – including employees, alumni, freelancers and other contractors.

Since its launch in 2011, London-based ProFinda has already secured client and strategic partnerships across the top six professional services firms plus organisations and networks including Thomson Reuters Elite, LACE partners, Tech London Advocates, construction firm Multiplex, Workforce of the Future Network, CloserStill Media and many more.

Roger Gorman, CEO of ProFinda, discussing the recent investment said: “Our work is helping to disrupt the future of work landscape. ProFinda’s latest investment puts us in a powerful position to continue to deliver our fast-paced and ambitious roadmap.”

With the rise of remote and flexible working, and as businesses wrestle with ongoing poor global productivity figures and low employee engagement, ProFinda is uniquely positioned to help companies reinvent the way they embrace, empower and understand their workforce.

Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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