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London-based deep learning startup Chattermill closes €681K seed round

Chattermill, a London-based startup using deep learning to understand what customers are talking about and how they feel about their experiences, has just announced it has closed a seed round of €681,000. The startup has been backed by Entrepreneur First, Avonmore Developments and angel investors including Jeff Kelisky, CEO of Seedrs.

This seed round is in addition to an earlier round in 2016 from the same group of investors, bringing the total raised to date to over €1 million. The company was co-founded by Mikhail Dubov and Dmitry Isupov in 2015 while at Entrepreneur First.

Chattermill counts numerous fast-growth businesses as its clients, and is working with billion dollar valued companies such as Transferwise, Deliveroo, HelloFresh and Just Eat, as well as more traditional businesses including TSB.

Chattermill collates all feedback channels in one place and then builds a customised deep learning model to extract easily actionable insight. It can then measure sentiment to see how customers are feeling about each part of the overall experience, from design of the app down to speed of delivery and attitude of customer care agents, enabling companies to have a truly customer centric approach and culture.

Mikhail Dubov, CEO and Co-Founder of Chattermill, commented: “We’re thrilled to have the ongoing support of such a great list of investors. We’ve been lucky enough to help some of the world’s most customer centric businesses see genuine value by understanding their users at scale. Our platform not only challenges their assumptions, but gives them incredibly detailed insight in real-time, at a fraction of the cost of traditional customer experience research.”

Chattermill easily integrates with tools already used by a company – such as SurveyMonkey, Zendesk, TypeForm or Salesforce – aggregating every piece of feedback such as Net Promoter Score surveys, reviews, support tickets and social media, for a thorough analysis of the customer experience. The team is currently working with customers across sectors that include, Fintech, E-commerce, Travel and Gaming.

Nilan Peiris, VP of Growth at Transferwise, added: “Chattermill enables our teams to take customer insights deeper than ever before and focus on the key factors that make a difference to our users and drive our growth. We have more than a hundred people across the business using Chattermill to ensure Transferwise is always at the cutting edge when it comes to customer experience.”

Chattermill was part of Entrepreneur First’s Spring 2015 cohort, and has since grown to a team of 10. The funding secured will be used to invest in technology and continue growing the team with hires that include data scientists, engineers and business developers.

Matt Clifford, CEO and Co-Founder of Entrepreneur First, said: “We saw the opportunity in Chattermill from the very beginning and are happy to continue to back Mikhail, Dmitry and their growing team. They are a fantastic example of how machine learning and AI can dramatically impact product development by listening to what the customer really needs. We’re all very excited to see what happens in the coming year for Chattermill and see what other learnings they can provide their customers.”

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