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Hamburg-based eBlocker secures 7-digit investment to protect you and your privacy

The Hamburg-based startup eBlocker just received funding in the single-digit million range. The funding round was led by the innovation starter fund Hamburg II and joined by some German business angels. Founded in 2015, eBlocker is a user-friendly and multi-user capable solution to protect your terminal devices from data espionage. The eBlocker Pro and eBlocker Family gives the control over the private data back to the user and prevents unintentional data transmission while surfing in the Internet.

Christian Bennefeld, Managing Director of eBlocker, stated: “Investment for us means an investment in the privacy of Internet users. We want to assure Internet users to surf anonymously without worrying about the dangers of the Internet. That’s why we use the capital to further improve our products to provide the best possible online protection.”

With the fresh capital eBlocker wants to expand its product family, eBlocker Pro and eBlocker Family. At the end of the year the Hamburg-based company will launch the eBlocker Base, which protects cost-effectively against data espionage by Internet providers. The eBlocker Pro blocks data collecting online advertising and protects against cyber attacks via the Internet browser. The eBlocker Family offers the same services as the eBlocker Pro and on top of that it provides the possibility to set up filters for each family member to protect them against morally harmful content for young people.

eBlocker launched its products after a two year phase of research and development. The two products eBlocker Pro and eBlocker Family give the control of revealed information back to Internet users while surfing in the Internet. eBlocker Family has an additional youth protection function.

With the stationary eBlocker, directly connected to your home network, and a special developed security and youth protection software, tracking and advertising service providers are effectively blocked. Thanks to the easy connection to the home network, automatic configuration and software updates, the eBlocker is easy to handel – even for technical inexperienced users.

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Thomas Ohr
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