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Madrid-based Billin secures €1.5 million to internationally expand with its billing solution for SMEs and freelancers

Billin, the Spanish startup which makes billing software solutions for businesses, has secured a new investment round of €1.5 million. The investment is being led by the investor groups Kibo Ventures and K Fund, and the business angel Carlos González Cadenas.

Founded in 2014, Billin allows SMEs and freelancers to manage all their invoicing cycle: the creation of the bill itself, its delivery, tracking and payment. In addition, it allows its customers to receive and store bills in a common space, giving them the chance to connect and share all this information to their manager or accountant.

Billin is an in-cloud technology and offers a free billing service for SMEs and freelancers. It’s affordable pricing has become the main appeal to more than 10,000 registered users, between companies and professionals – as well as €100 million in processes bills.

The quick growth of this Spanish startup and the support and backing of a great team has attracted two of the main investor groups in the region; Kibo Ventures and K Fund and the business angel Carlos González Cadenas. This investment provides Billin with sufficient fuel to accomplish its goal of growing the company beyond its boarders, taking the product international.

The recognition of the online platform as one of the main players in its category has earned them the tag of being the “Dropbox of bills”, in reference to its easy interface, a seamless user experience, and an initial free plan that can later be upgraded to a premium option with additional features. Last year, Billin was chosen as a finalist to participate in the Fintech section of the South Summit Madrid, one of the most reputable tech events of southern Europe.

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Thomas Ohr
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