Join Codeworks in Barcelona, learn how to code and start an exciting new career in 3 months


Codeworks is one of the leading immersive courses in Europe to become a software engineer, and learn how to build solid apps, with an advanced understanding of JavaScript. They offer a 12-week coding bootcamp in Barcelona, Spain. Classes are taught in English, and in person. At the end of the course you will be able to code entire applications, and contribute to coding projects of any size. Whether you want to build your own startup, or join an engineering department of one of the world’s best tech companies, the Codeworks program gives you the tools you’ll need to succeed.

The mission of the Codeworks team is to nurture innovative talent in Europe, and empower smart people to become successful software engineers, independent of their gender or background. Every day they work to improve learning paradigms, while making high quality education more accessible, enjoyable, and rewarding. Codeworks wants to work with creative spirits, independent thinkers, underdogs, the resolute, the indefatigable, the fighters, and the true believers. Are you one of them and would be interested to become a great coder?
Special offer: With the promo code HELLOEU17 you’ll get a €500 discount, if you pass all the stages of the selection process. If you’re a women, we have even better news for you. If you pass all the selection stages you’ll get a 10% discount upfront, plus you’ll get this extra discount of €500, which is a really good deal. Please note, the discount code will only be valid if applied at the partnership code field in the application form.

Timings: The best time to join Codeworks in Barcelona is for the November/January batch. The application deadline and selection process depends on your coding skills and how much time you have to dedicate to selection process. But we recommend to send your application at least 2 months before the beginning of the desired batch. So if you’d be interested to start in November, I good time to apply would actually be during the next 10 days.

How the selection process works: First there will be an intro chat on Hangouts (to get to know each other), once you pass this step you will need to take the tech interview on Hangouts (1 hour call with one of the Codeworks instructors). In order to prepare for the interview, here are some study materials. Depending on your coding skills, it will take you between 1-2 weeks to prepare. If you pass this step then you’ll be able to do a coding assignment (1-2 weeks). Once passed, you’ll pay the deposit and start the pre-course, which usually is a 4-5 weeks part-time remote course. The 3 months main course is the heart of the Codeworks system and will take place in Barcelona. And it has the potential to really kick of your career in tech. Interested? Apply now!