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Munich: Rocket Internet’s Global Savings Group is profitable and expanding on a global scale

The Global Savings Group (GSG), a leading global digital commerce platform for advertisers, just announced it became profitable in 2016, while also enlarging its service lines to its consumers and advertising partners. Founded in 2012 as CupoNation Group, the Munich-based GSG wants to be the world’s leading platform that enables consumers around to make smarter shopping decisions.

Andreas Fruth, Managing Director and Co-Founder of the Global Savings Group stated: “The extension of our global reach helped us to become profitable in 2016. We achieved this by continuously enhancing our platform that brings together shopping audiences with advertisers around the world. The successful development and launch of new consumer portals brings us a step closer to our vision to create a winning digital commerce ecosystem for advertisers, consumers and publishers driving purchases at scale.”

The operating business of the Global Savings Group developed very positively in 2016. The Group’s total Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV, the volume of sales generated for its retail partners) rose by 99.4% to €463 million (2015: €232.2 million).

Adrian Renner, Managing Director and Co-Founder of the Global Savings Group stated: “The continuous growth of our different portals, as well as the launch of new partnerships, portals, and countries, paid off with a new record result in 2016. Over our currently more than one hundred digital assets, we were able to attract more savvy shoppers to our platform and generate significantly more sales and revenues for our advertising and publishing partners than ever before.”

In June 2016, the CupoNation Group announced that it would rebrand itself as the Global Savings Group. The new name reflects the group’s strong and continuously growing global presence. The Global Savings Group significantly increased its global reach, attracting more savvy shoppers to use the offers of its retail partners on its growing number of digital assets in the past months.

After the first acquisition of the Dutch competitor Imbull in 2015, the group also successfully acquired and integrated Blog de Chollos and SerialDealer, two leading social shopping communities in Spain and France, into its portfolio. Furthermore, the Group launched Holiday Detective, a curated online travel website in France, collecting and showing the best and most affordable travel deals.

The GSG also successfully launched its operations in Malaysia and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, it announced partnerships with Daily Mail and Le Monde – two of the most well-known and largest publications in the world – jointly helping shoppers in the United Kingdom and France to make smart shopping decisions.

Today, the Global Saving Group operates more than a hundred select digital assets across five continents, represented by brands in more than 20 markets within a €500 billion e-commerce market. The Group’s consumer brands are market leaders in many countries in the online shopping recommendation and savings segment.

In 2017, the Global Savings Group intends to continue its growth path towards building a leading global ecosystem helping people to save, that delivers fair value to all of its partners. The GSG will continue to focus on the extension of its consumer brands portfolio and increase its global reach.

Gerhard Trautmann, Managing Director and Co-Founder of the Global Savings Group sait: “Our expansion into new offerings along the customer decision journey will enhance our ability to reach a wider audience and create more value for our advertising partners. By building new portals and strong consumer brands in the retail, lifestyle, and travel segment, we will be able to reach more online shoppers and help them make smart decisions to save money. In 2017, we will continue our growth path and work on developing a strong commerce platform and unique ecosystem for advertisers, consumers, and publishers.”

Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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