Berlin-based Qunomedical raises $2 million to further grow its medical travel platform


Qunomedical, previously known as Junomedical, a digital health platform that provides patients with access and independent information on the world’s best doctors and hospitals, today announced a new funding round of $2 million and the new brand name. Investors like Kima Ventures from Paris are joining Project A from Berlin and 500 Startups from San Francisco, thereby strengthening the company’s international focus.

Founded the 4th quarter of 2015, Qunomedical vets medical providers by means of a multi-stage quality algorithm developed by medical practitioners together with data scientists to list only accredited clinics. Dr. Sophie Chung, doctor and founder of Qunomedical, pursues the vision of breaking down the barriers to affordable, short-term and complex medical treatments for patients all over the world.

Anton Waitz, Partner at Project A, stated: “Digital health is one of our focus areas and we are happy to support companies like Qunomedical which are pushing the boundaries in the industry. Since day one we believed in Sophie’s vision and it’s great to see the company grow in Germany and internationally.”

Launched in April 2016, the platform currently works with over 4,000 patients per month and partners with internationally certified clinics in 25 countries. Qunomedical shows monthly growth rates of 23% since its launch. In the first twelve months the company focussed on English-speaking countries. The most recent financial boost will help Qunomedical strengthen its presence in the English-speaking market and expand its offering in German-speaking markets.

Regarding the rebranding and the next steps for the company, Dr. Sophie Chung, CEO and founder of Qunomedical, commented: “Our product has evolved over the last 1.5 years. With the financing round, we are now focusing on sustainable growth. The launch of the German website and potential trademark conflicts in the US were contributing factors for this decision.”

The new name reflects the deepened understanding about the patients who turn to Qunomedical. Derived from the Latin verb quaerere (engl.: search, seek), Qunomedical stands for the empowered patient, who is looking for the best possible medical care. The new logo visualizes the vision to simplify access to healthcare and focus on the patient. The magnifying glass reflects the company’s mission to make the medical options visible to patients worldwide.