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Powerpoint Killer? Austrian presentation software presono scores €1 million in funding

The Linz-based startup presono just secured €1 million in funding. Founded in 2015, presono is an offline applicable webplattform for the whole process of creating, managing and showing presentations in companies. The Austrian startup offers central data management, a more flexible way of presenting, and analyses all tracked data to generate helpful statistics.

After an extensive development phase, presono officially launched its presentation software in February 2017. presono was founded by Martin Behrens (26), Hannes Freudenthaler (32) and Martin Luftensteiner (30), who were now able to convince some top entrepreneurs from Austria to join their first funding round. The list of investors includes HMG Invest, MF-Gruppe and A&S Beteiligungsgesellschaft.

presono co-founder Martin Behrens stated: “Thanks to the investment, we are given the opportunity to continue to grow the team and further improve our software. The long-term experience and the additional network of our investors are also a great gain for the further development of our company.”

Companies such as Greiner Packaging International, HAUSER Kühlmöbel & Kältetechnik, KEBA and Haidlmair are already using the software of the Linz-based startup. The presono team currently counts 14 people. presono aims to provide highly flexible company presentations and enables its clients to add new content live without leaving the presentation mode.

The presono software does not only solve efficiency problems regarding usability, but also offers additional services such as multimedia and 3D integration, as well as an interactive appointment and contact management solution. Below you’ll find a short video providing some impressions about presono:

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