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Greek startup SealSmile just launched and already closed partnerships with 60 big online stores from China

A few days ago, SealSmile.com, the online platform which aims to curate the best deals and trending products from all popular Chinese online stores, announced its official launch as well as the milestone of signing up its 60th Chinese parter, Tinydeal.com. SealSmile was officially founded earlier this year by Dr. Fotis Gonidis. The Athens-based team is already 6 people strong.

Regarding the recent launch and the sign up of the startup’s 60th partner, SealSmile’s founder Fotis Gonidis stated: “Having our 60 th store added to the platform is a milestone for us. We are excited to now have more than 1 million product listings. After building and testing our platform for several months, we are now live.”

As shopping from China is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, more and more stores such as Aliexpress, Banggood, Geekbuying, Gearbest, Sammydress have been launched, offering exciting products and deals at competitive prices. SealSmile has been created as a response to the need of the users to be able to stay up-to-date about all the Chinese online stores and search effectively for new products and deals across all these stores. SealSmile daily scans all Chinese stores and presents you the products and deals in one page collectively so that you don’t need to go through each website one by one. Specifically, SealSmile helps you to:

  • Find the best value for money products from all the popular Chinese. On SealSmile you can search for a vast variety of products ranging from cool Gadgets and Smartphones to Fashion and Home.
  • Discover your next favourite Chinese store. SealSmile is constantly enriched with all the new trending Chinese stores.
  • Stay up-to date about the latest trends from China. Discover new exciting brands such as Xiaomi and Elephone, read the latest product reviews and find the best deals.
  • Find over 1000 Coupons and special deals from all the Chinese stores.

In a nutshell, the mission of SealSmile is to create your one-stop place for shopping from China​. SealSmile is a price comparison service and aims to display products from all the popular Chinese online stores.

Regarding the future outlook for SealSmile, the CEO Fotis Gonidis stated: “At SealSmile we are optimistic and ambitious, yet we want to remain realistic. Our goal is to break even by the end of 2017. For 2018 our aim is to steadily increase our revenues which are mainly coming from affiliate marketing and paid advertising.”

Regarding the target market and growth plans Fotis Gonidis stated: “Our initial target maket is USA. However, we will be gradually expanding our target market and penetrating new markets such as Europe, Russia and Brazil. At the same time we will be enriching the platform with additional services and features to increase the engagement of our users. Thereby, we are confident to achieve exponential growth in the next years.”

Over the last years, the SealSmile founder Fotis Gonidis lived in 4 different countries and worked in different sectors. He started to work on his startup shortly after realizing that there is a gap in the specific area of online shopping from China worldwide.

Regarding his motivation to start SealSmile, Fotis Gonidis also stated: “Moreover, during the hard times for Greece, in the middle of crisis and at a time where the world is blaming Greece, we want to prove that Greeks are capable of innovating and standing by their reputation and their huge legacy. We are proud to be a greek team outreaching the whole world. Our vision is to contribute to the re-branding of Greece as a: Bright Country with Bright People.”

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