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Dutch online casting platform iCasting raises €1 million to disrupt the casting industry

iCasting, a Zwolle-based online casting startup, has just raised an investment of over €1 million. The fresh capital comes from the founding team itself as well as from angel investors. iCasting was founded in 2014 and will use the fresh capital to roll out and further expand its online platform, which connects talent and clients the easy way.

ICasting does not deal with agents and does not charge a matching fee, but allows clients to find talents without delaying expensive mediation. This unique approach makes iCasting incomparable with traditional casting agencies and has ensured that many talents and clients have embraced the platform. ICasting aims to create new opportunities worldwide and opens markets where no-one has ever offered solutions. ICasting serves the entire market: from starter talents to experienced professionals and actors, extra’s, models, dancers and hosts to the most diverse entertainers.

The iCasting CEO Esmée Pater stated: “It is our ambition to make the casting market transparent again throughout the world. iCasting is a fantastic startup that will disrupt the casting world. We do this with a unique technological platform where talents and clients come together without the need for a very expensive middle man. This investment initially helps us with the Dutch expansion of iCasting as a basis for our ultimate international ambitions.”

Pater continued: “Every day we welcome a lot of new talents, and over 900 national clients have already embraced us. In addition, we provide all our talents of the information and knowledge they need to further develop, through the specially developed interactive video courses on iCasting TV. “

iCasting has an advanced matching database which not only matches all the external features of talents, but also their knowledge and specific skills: dialects, sports, cooking, and even possessing a sailing license. In addition, matching talents and clients with iCasting is faster than the traditional way: iCasting matches a talent in a few minutes, which usually takes days to weeks. As a compensation, the talent receives exactly what the client pays out. This way iCasting created a system that is beneficial to both parties.

Together with the entrepreneurs and co-founders of iCasting, Bob Breeman, Erwin Arkema and Yillmaz Schoen, iCasting will be busy in the coming months to conquer the Dutch market.

Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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