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Within the first three months Riga-based VIAINVEST reports €1 million invested into loans through its P2P lending platform

The first three months of operation have been highly productive for the Riga-based FinTech startup VIAINVEST. €1 million have already been invested into consumer loans through the platform. The great activity of investors once again proves the growing demand for alternative investment opportunities.

Founded in 2016, VIAINVEST is a peer to peer lending platform providing alternative online investment opportunities – both private individuals and legal entities are welcome to invest in consumer loans originated by the VIA SMS Group and its daughter companies operating across Europe. Since launch, VIAINVEST has significantly increased its investment portfolio and currently boasts an offer of up to 12,2% annual return to its investors.

Eduards Lapkovskis, the CEO of VIAINVEST stated: “We are pleased with what we have achieved in these first months after launch – if we take into account that the number of peer to peer lending market participants has raised noticeably, funding one million euros of loans within such a short period of time is a significant success. Our main priority is to ensure outstanding investor support as well as a seamless investing experience to build a trustful relationship with all our clients.”

Since the launch of the company in December of 2016, the development of VIAINVEST has never stopped. VIAINVEST is a part of the alternative financial services provider VIA SMS Group, operating its daughter companies and brands in Latvia, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic and Spain.

Eduards further explained: “The truth is that you can find gaps or opportunities for development only when the platform is live – when real investors come in, try the features and share their experience. The majority of our investors come from German-speaking countries and traditionally pay significant attention to the details especially when it comes to their finance management. In response to the high demand we now offer the possibility to browse VIAINVEST in German. VIAINVEST will soon also be available in Latvian.”

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Thomas Ohr
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