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Overview of the best coworking spaces in Prague

Prague is definitely one of the best cities in central and eastern Europe for nomad workers. For startups, the city is mostly attractive due to relatively low operating/living costs, great social and cultural activities, a welcoming startup community and lively and an ever-growing expat community. No doubt the coworking spaces in the city have experienced kind of a boom in the recent past. To ease your decision and to provide you with a short overview, we’ve compiled a list with 10 of the coolest coworking spaces in Prague. And here it is:

Locus– A coworking space known to be an ideal centre for expatriate integration into the Czech lifestyle. Owned by an American entrepreneur, it is a get-together for freelancers, digital nomads and entrepreneurs from different countries and backgrounds, thus creating a mixed community of locals and expats. The place offers collaborative community, high quality office amenities, 24/7 access for members and services and events on regular basis. Cost: Full package starts at €95 per month.

K10Suited for any kind of work-related activity, K10 offers permanent or occasional work space, full service amenities and access to workshops and networking events. Membership can be adapted to your needs, when requested. There is always free coffee or tea in the self-service kitchen and when you get tired from working, head to the chill-out zone, take a yoga lesson or relax in the sauna. The choice is yours. Cost: Full package starts at €150 per month.

Coworking Krizovatka– Centrally located and easily accessible, this co-working space attracts international community of freelances and entrepreneurs. They offer standard office amenities alongside business services and events space. As they are heading towards launching an accelerator and regular demo days with investors, this just might be the place for you. Cost: Packages vary from €120 to €145 per month.

Impact Hub– The Czech branch of the Impact hub is an excellent opportunity to boost your idea. They will provide you with fully equipped work environment while exposing you to a vibrant community and exciting networking events. In addition, they offer acceleration and mentorship program, if you need to move fast. Leave all the operational responsibilities to the host team and focus on developing  your project into a business. Cost: Full package starts at €130 per month.

In-spiroAttracting a young, cool crowd, In-spiro is designed to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals more efficiently. It is an open creative space where startups, entrepreneurs and professional independents from both the business and creative industries can merge together to create, work and be part of a community. Each membership includes super-fast wifi, access to kitchen and host assistance. Cost: Packages vary from €100 to 130 per month based on membership duration.

Node5 – This co-working factory is a home to 100+ tech superstars and mentors, and as such, plays an integral part of the startup ecosystem. Situated in an abandoned factory floor, it is beautifully transformed into a productive working environment. They offer luminous space equipped with high quality amenities, access to mentors and an ever challenging environment. Known to be the place where future innovators are born and cultivated. Cost: Full package starts at €110 per month.

Tech square – TechSquare promotes the joining of forces between corporations and startups. Serving as an intermediary between these two groups, they will offer 24/7 services, office supplies, kitchen and showers to assure you feel comfortable and inspired. In addition, being part of this co-working place will provide you with the opportunity to meet and interact with an inspiring group of corporate players, exchange ideas and skills and thrive as a business. Cost: Full package starts at €145 per month.

Prague start-up centreHosting dozens of start-ups and entrepreneurs in their beautifully furnished offices, they offer 24/7 access for both workspaces and meeting rooms, in addition to the start-up education and incubation program. The centre takes advantage of the presence of top brains from the industry in their organisation and organizes events such as knowledge sharing, workshops, community engaging networking events etc. Cost: Full package starts at €95 per month.

Paper hub – Paper hub offers beautiful and affordable shared offices intended to help independent workers of all kinds to work more effectively, professionally, and enjoyably. Known as the only bitcoin co-working space, Paper hub has one more specific: their prototyping studio called Maker’s Lab. Anyone interested in 3D printing, this is the place to go and learn. A chill-out zone and table table game is available to clear your mind. Cost: Full package starts at €110 per month.

Opero – Opero quickly became a refuge for freelancers, start-ups and digital nomads due to its warm environment driven by the idea of continuous learning, sharing and collaborating. Customized membership deals, 24/7 reception desk, fully equipped meeting rooms, private café, assistant services, parking options, and a range of other services. Cost: Full package starts at €130 per month.

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