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Overview of the best coworking spaces in Madrid

Over the last decade, Spain has experienced a shift from traditional to contemporary regarding working culture. The 400+ co-working spaces all around Spain have contributed greatly to this shift and have fostered engagement and innovation in its regions. The economic crisis, the growing number of flexible independent workers and startups, and the shift towards collaborative economic models, in addition to the social and engaging mentality of the Spaniards, have added up to the fast-growing co-working ecosystem in the country. In exchange for a monthly fee that in most cases ranges from €100 to €250, co-working enthusiasts get access to an office environment, Internet, coffee, meeting rooms and in some cases mentoring opportunities in almost all Spanish cities.

To ease your decision and to provide you with a short overview, we’ve compiled a list with 10 of the coolest co-working spaces in Madrid. And here it is:

Utopic_US – Home of 3 offices around Madrid, Utopic_Us is the most famous co-working space in Madrid. Embodiment of open collaborative space, this co-working place offers freelancers, startups and other professionals fully equipped offices, meeting rooms and access to their training programs. Their combination of mixed ikea furniture, Japanese design and hammocks come in support of the creative and lively character of the space. Excellent for professional development and networking opportunities. Cost: Different packages available at different location, varying from €135 to €1,350.

Shed Coworking – Shed Coworking is practical and affordable co-working space, offering full amenities and workshops to keep you informed. Cozy lounge, comfy chairs and outdoor garden to keep you motivated. Home to a great startup community with which you can exchange ideas and search for new talent. Described as surrounded with positive vibe and the possibility to reinvent yourself, so If you are looking for productive and engaging community, this is it. Cost: Full packages vary from €180 to €250 per month.

display-logoEl play – Offering one of the most open, comfortable and luminous offices in Madrid, El play is a combination of colors, inspiration and good vibes. With colorful sofas and walls, multiple floors, spacious shared spaces, full services and plenty of lounge areas around, this coworking space will boost your productivity and fast forward your idea. Cost: Full package starts at €225 per month.

La Nave – La Nave is a hub for creative, independent minds spread over 250 square meters in the heart of Madrid. With independent offices, shared spaces, meeting rooms and workspace areas for startups, entrepreneurs, advertising specialists and freelancers, La nave has something for everyone. Their beautifully designed work spaces will inspire you to get in and get busy and you will witness beautiful synergy among like minded professionals from various backgrounds. Cost: Full package starts at €220 per month.

Impact Hub – Known for its vibrant community, meaningful programs and an inspiring space to help you fast forward you idea. Like every other Impact Hub, the Madrid branch will offer you a dynamic community of like-minded brains and dynamic atmosphere where you can collaborate and grow. It offers a collaborative space, supportive working environment and all the necessary equipment. Cost: Full package starts at €250 per month.

Colabora Coworking – With their high speed internet, freshly brewed coffee and fully equipped meeting rooms with audio and video conferencing, Colabora Coworking makes sure your time and productivity is well spent. Known to provide advice in relation to taxation, labor, patent and trademark registration or whatever else you may require. A lounge chill out area and bar are available once the work is done and language courses for those who want to expand their horizons. Cost: Full package starts at €230 per month.

The underground den – The underground den is all about community, space and services. It provides 24/7 access to shared workspace and private meeting rooms, equipped with the latest technology, access to a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs, events, workshops, affordable professional services and business support. As a business center and a co-working space, they offer the ideal environment for scaling your idea and creating strong networking opportunities. Cost: Full package starts at €275 per month.

Cool inquietoWhether you are a developer, designer, consultant, or any other profession, you can use Cool inquieto as your base. This co-working space is offering shared and dedicated work spaces to meet your business and networking needs, office equipment, super fast wi-fi and fresh coffee to keep you motivated. Known to encourage collaborative projects among its tenants. Cost: Full package varies from €140 to €175 per month.

Freeland innovation center – Fostering innovation and positive thinking, Freeland innovation center will offer you a well-networked and vibrant community in combination with mentor interactions. You can get legal/tax/social insurance advice if you need it, or your accounting done for you, if you want. You will literally be surrounded by resources to take advantage of and plenty of like-minded individuals. Cost: Full package varies from €45 to €330 per month depending on person/group.

Community Coworking – All co-working enthusiasts in Madrid can access fully furnished co-working spaces with access to all the basic services they need to stay connected and focus on things that matter to their business at Community Coworking. Placed in white and green interior with comfy, ergonomic chairs and non stop coffee, Community Coworking is the place to get your work done, but also to get your ideas happening, to think and rethink, collaborate and share. Cost: Full packages vary from €109 to €169 per month.

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