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Overview of the best coworking spaces in Athens

As one of the oldest cities in the world and a center of art, culture, politics and philosophy, Athens is not only historically one of Europe’s most important metropolises. Located at the crossroads of three continents Europe, Asia and Africa, its geographical position has helped develop a civilisation of commerce and entrepreneurship since ancient times that was passed to modern Greece. In the midst of  economic crisis, the Greek entrepreneurial-minded community faced many challenges. However, the startup ecosystem has succeeded in turning it around for their own benefit. It raised citizens’ awareness of their own potential for creativity, collaboration and entrepreneurship and many startup initiatives have flourished since then. As essential ingredient in any startup ecosystem, coworking spaces have opened up, offering extra value alongside space and accompanying services: the network of people and connections inside the community.

To ease your decision and to provide you with a short overview, we’ve compiled a list with 10 of the coolest coworking spaces in Athens. And here it is:

TheCube-coworking-logoThe Cube – From Monday to Friday 9am to 9pm you can be part of Cube’s
inviting environment and welcoming team, ready to fulfill your every need so that you can dedicate all your attention to your tasks and projects. Located in the heart of the city, with 22 fully equipped rooms available for teams who need their own spaces and access to a lot of international talent, Cube is without a doubt the most famous co-working place in Athens. Cost: Full package starts at €200 per month.

The FoundationInternational and local entrepreneurs come here to cowork and get their project a push forward. the foundation provides access to education, talent and networking, as well as investors. Located in an artsy, industrial neighborhood, with full service amenities and support services, this co-working space is a home of hackathons, incubation/acceleration program and partnership opportunities. Cost: Full package starts at €150 per month.

Stone SoupThis place is known for its energetic and vibrant atmosphere and community-based attitude. Regular co-working opportunities are offered, open space or a private office. Home to many group gatherings, workshops, small conferences and screenings, Stone soup’s motto is sharing and gaining. Services include super-fast wifi, access to kitchen and host assistance. And if you need some fresh air, you can continue your work at the outdoor rooftop terrace. Cost: Full packages starts at €100 per month.

Pomantso – Pomantso is a creative hub for entrepreneurs, offering private and shared working spaces plus numerous other facilities such as for music performances, art exhibitions, workshops, lectures and presentations. Extremely interesting place, place where you can find inspiration, motivation and the opportunity to develop. Attendance to all events and unlimited access to office supplies, a kitchen, relax area are all included in the monthly package.

Impact hub Athens – As a local branch of the global Impact Hub, they gather a network of social entrepreneurs focused on making a positive impact on the world. This coworking space offers open space, private offices, lazy bags to take a power-nap and access to kitchen. In addition, to get your idea started, they provide guidance, resources, and funding opportunities. The place is housed in an old Greek house, with a wonderful terrace and balcony where you can try some of the specialties of their amazing chef. Cost: Full package starts at €170 per month.

Orange grove – Orange grove is a joint initiative of the dutch and Greek business and knowledge networks to help up the Greek startup community. It is not a typical co-working space, but rather an organized program with application and selection process. You will be included in a mentoring and educational program in addition to the state of the art flexible workspaces, sofas fast wifi, good coffee and free Heineken beer. Cost: selected applicants are requested to stay minimum 6 months and pay €100 per month as a contribution.

Tzaferi 16 – If you ever thought you could have the most beautiful and most organized office in the city without having to do anything about it, then Tzaferi 16 is the place for you. Offering elegant, tailor made offices or open space, full services and inside atrium to be inspired. The working atmosphere is impeccable and the hosts will make sure your every need is satisfied. Coffee runs in unlimited amounts and once you get tired from working, join the rest of the tenants for a game of table tennis. Cost: Full packages starts at €245 per month.

Hackerspace – Hackerspace is a dynamic community inspired by the Open Source philosophy. Dedicated to creative code and hardware hacking, it mostly works as an event venue, however the space offers free internet access, books and magazines, workdesks, tools and a fridge full of beers and beverages, and it’s open 24/7. The main operation of hackerspace is to promote collaboration by sharing projects, so feel free to join the community and share your thoughts on any idea or project. Hackerspace works as a non-profit and and depends on donations.

Athens place – The place to build your business as they call it, Athens place is an excellent destination for startup enthusiasts, digital nomads and freelancers to get their work done. The facilities include event space, office spaces, open space for collaborative work as well as meeting rooms, endless flow of coffee and welcoming team to provide anything you may need. The white decor inside and the cheerful atmosphere will lift your spirits and inspire you to move forward. Cost: Full packages starts at €150 per month.

Athens investment centre – The Athens investment centre is a combination of coworking space and investment information desk. Established to support Greek entrepreneurship, this place will offer multi-functional workstations and meeting offices, plus consulting opportunities in any field your business would require. Different discount offers are always available. Cost: Full packages starts at €400 per month.

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Bojana Trajkovska
Bojana Trajkovska
Bojana is a startup enthusiast from the Balkan region. Currently exploring the entrepreneurial community in Italy. Passionate reader and traveller.

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