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Berlin-based YuScale launches a phone case which also functions as scales

YuScale is a Berlin-based startup which offers a solution for diabetics, and for anyone else who is keen to keep track of their eating habits. Till recently the YuScale solution included an app and separate scales to carry around. The offering has already won clients and support among diabetics community, but the company’s new product might attract an even larger audience. YuScale is now offer offering a solution which is combining the scales into a phone case, which people carry anyhow. This could make the takeup much easier for consumers.

Combining different additional features into phone case seems to be in fashion these days. Selfly phone case-drone just reached $1 million milestone on Kickstarter. YuScale also launched the product through Kickstarter, where it sells it for prices starting from €49.

The YuScale app analyses photos of food, and combines the information with the weight of the plate — helping users to measure food intake, giving them a new and efficient way to control eating habits.

Kim Kreutz, the CEO and co-founder of Yuscale explains: “Whether you’re a passionate foodie, who cannot resist giving a shot for another delicious meal, forgetting the struggle with gaining control over weight or having issues with diabetes, just by taking your mobile anywhere with you, YuScale easily measures your exact food intake.”

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Thomas Ohr
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