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Overview of the best coworking spaces in Budapest

The fast pace of technology has made the modern workforce more mobile and interconnected and opened up the way for community office environments to develop and evolve. In an era of flexible working hours, coworking culture has turned into a global movement attracting freelancers, remote workers, and other independent professionals to work and interact, while enjoying high-quality office amenities at an affordable price. This global phenomenon reached Hungary around a decade ago and ever since then the Hungarian capital has successfully fulfilled the growing demand for these communal workspaces. To ease your decision and to provide you with a short overview, we’ve compiled a list with 10 of the coolest coworking spaces in Budapest. And here it is:

Kaptar: Located centrally in the heart of the city, Kaptar has been the second home for many locals freelancers and digital nomads due to its speedy wifi, comfy working areas and productive work atmosphere. Fully equipped and designed to meet the needs of the individuals, Kaptar also provides a seat service for your company and event space. The endless flow of fresh coffee as well as storage units for bikes is just an addition to the wonderful inspiring community. Cost: Packages vary from €140 to €250 per month.  

KubikFrom a workdesk to a virtual office, Kubik has a lot to offer. Clients come from various fields: freelancers, startups, non-profits and even large companies, the agenda is full of events and their international network and partner program can open a lot of doors. Showers are also available for those who want to go for a run in the nearby Margaret Island. Cost: Packages vary from €65 to €145 per month.  

LofficeHost of the 2017 Coworking in Hungary conference, Loffice has established itself as a key hub in the Hungarian startup scene with a total of five offices – four in Budapest and one in Vienna. Available 24/7, access to workstations or offices of your choice as well as mentoring support such as business and export advice. Networking possibilities at an indoor sky bar or cocktail terrace. Cost: Multiple monthly packages are available, full package starts at €145.

GreenspacesIf you are looking for the eco-friendly community of Budapest, you might find them in Greenspaces. Greenspaces provides green, healthy, and happy coworking office space in the centre of Budapest. The large converted apartment with 35 desks, offers everything you and your business idea need. It a low cost solution for office space tailored at your needs. Cost: Full package starts from €130 per month.

Impact hub BudapestThe Hungarian branch of the Impact hub is a coworking space, a place for ideas, training, and social and creative transformation. Winner of the Coworking Office of the Year 2017, this community-driven workplace offers its members a place to connect, collaborate, explore and turn their ideas into businesses. Offering not only workdesks and offices, but programs, workshops and events as well. Cost: Multiple monthly packages are available, varying from €15 to €115.

MozaikIf you are freelancer looking to break the monotony of working at home, a startup looking for your first office, or a small business moving to Budapest and in need to get your team up and running quickly,  Mosaik might be able to help. They offer a platform for learning, connecting and growing, by organising an academy, providing fully equipped coworking space and networking opportunities. Once you are tired from all the work, table tennis and football table are free to use at any time. Cost: Packages vary between €130 and €150 per month.

The HubFocused on the tech community, the Hub offers 24/7 access 365 days a year to your workstation or furnished office. Its central location, along with the high-speed internet make it a popular destination for startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital nomads, creatives, techies and micro-businesses. Known for its fashionable interior filled with avant-garde wall paintings, the Hub is the perfect go-to place for those who want a combination of concentration, creation, and yet relaxation. Cost: Multiple monthly packages are available, full package starts at €125.

CowoKnown to add a touch of seriousness to its setup, Cowo is home to many digital nomads, entrepreneurs and freelancers in IT related industries. If you are trying to get some work done far from the crowded cafes or offices, this is the place to go. Available 24/7, it has all the necessary office equipment for your use such as a printer, scanner, high speed Wi-Fi, free local calls, cloud computing, computer backup, PC support etc. Cost: Multiple packages are available, varying between €95 and €130 per month.

CofficeAs combination of coworking office and a café, Coffice easily became the spot for urban digital lifestyle. With a café downstairs with well-separated tables suitable for work and office area upstairs, equipped with presentation rooms and workdesks, Coffice offers relaxed and inspiring atmosphere. Cost:Multiple daily, weekly and monthly packages are available, full package starts at €95.

I-officeSituated in a former industrial building in one of the most dynamic neighbourhoods of Budapest, I-office attracts young and enthusiastic crowd. Easily accessible via public transportation, the place offers renting an office, workstations and meeting rooms. Accountancy and legal consulting, safe deposit and bike parking lot are just a plus. Cost: Multiple daily, weekly and monthly packages are available, full package starts at €85.

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