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Meet Event Flavour – the new self-service ticketing and venue booking platform

Event Flavour, a new kind of self-service ticketing and venue booking platform, has been launched just a few weeks ago. The Berlin-based startup aims to provide all the tools and technology that are required to make your event successful and far-reaching. With Event Flavour you can create your event with just a few clicks and start selling tickets and manage your attendees with ease. Also, Event Flavour offers a convenient venue management system, where venue owners can list their event locations and attract additional event organizers. In short, it aims to provide the ultimate one-stop platform where people can find venues of their choice and organise the events according to their preferences. Users can then also promote the events and attract attendees through the Event Flavour platform.

The startup provides a great event hosting platform for all kinds of events, be it corporate, entertainment, educational, conferences, networking meetings, seminars, exhibitions, political rallies, gaming competitions or any other kind of event. Event Flavour aims to be the perfect place for hosting your events and finding the perfect venue for the event with ease.

Some of the key features of Event Flavour are:

1. Sell tickets within minutes: Event Flavour enables you to start selling tickets pretty quickly. Its platform provides a fast setup experience and a convenient solution for posting events.

2. Get paid faster: Using Event Flavour, you’re able to receive cash instantly. You don’t have to worry about receiving funds until your event ends any more. You will be paid instantly.

3. Competitive low fees: The platforms service charge is below industry standard. You also have the opportunity to pass on Event Flavour’s service fee to the attendees. This way you don’t have to pay anything.

Event Flavour generates direct mapping between events and venues and allows both parties to have a good benefit. With Event Flavour, users don’t have to use different platforms for planning an event and finding a venue. Both can be done under one roof with a lot of ease.

“Your Events and Venues Search Place”, is the slogan which Ashok Dudhat, the founder behind Event Flavour, created for his startup. Ashok’s vision is to improve the way events and venues are discovered online. Event Flavour has been bootstrapped so far and was created by a small team in Berlin and Surat (India).

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