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Crowdsurfer secures £1 million to build the leading data intelligence service for the global crowd finance phenomenon

Crowdsurfer, the Cambridge-based crowd finance data intelligence specialist, just closed a seed funding round in which the company secured over £1 million. The funding round was led by previous investor, Mustard Seed, and joined by financial services experts like Peter Sands (former Global CEO, Standard Chartered), Mike Rees (former Deputy CEO, Standard Chartered) and Brendan Bradley (former executive, Eurex).

Crowdsurfer was founded in 2012 and provides analytics and insights into crowd financing markets by pulling together data from crowdfunding and P2P platforms. The new funding comes at an exciting time for Crowdsurfer, following the launch last month of its new machine intelligence application, Daisy.

Crowdsurfer Chairman, Richard Baker, stated: “Crowdsurfer continues to build momentum at a very pivotal time for the crowd finance sector, bringing much-needed transparency and data intelligence to this disruptive fintech industry.”

Headquartered in Cambridge, Crowdsurfer is building the world’s trusted, data intelligence service for the global crowd finance phenomenon. Crowdsurfer provides those who seek to participate in or serve the industry with the market intelligence they need to be successful.

Using big data engineering and machine learning, the company maps, augments and interprets the information provided by hundreds of crowd finance platforms spanning equity, debt (P2P), rewards, donations and other forms of crowd-based financial transactions.

Fundraisers, investors and others tracking the market are all taking advantage of the Crowdsurfer service that aims to offer the most detailed and comprehensive view of the crowd finance markets.

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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