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AzureDesk: The affordable cloud based helpdesk software for startups and SMEs (Sponsored)

Today we’d like to introduce you to AzureDesk – a cloud based helpdesk software aimed at small to medium business (SMEs). According to Product Owner Roma Shah, the software has all the “must have” features of enterprise class helpdesk solutions offered to smaller business at minimal costs to users.

The US based company officially launched the product Nov. 1 and is providing a 14-day free trial for users who want to try AzureDesk before making a decision.

Shah told us that the startup and its helpdesk product grew out of an integration service she runs which is connecting cloud based applications. That company had trouble with its customer support situation.

Shah explained: “We have quite a few paying customers and like any other business, we have to field and answer customer queries daily. Initially, we used email to manage customer tickets through a complicated system of filters and automatic replies. That didn’t scale up very well and we were stressed out about a customer query going unanswered.”

They also painstakingly replied back to individual customer queries every time through email instead of using a knowledge base. That was a bad move. Customers increasingly prefer self-service: a survey by Forrester finds out that from 67% in 2012, the percentage of people using self-service as an option instead of email or talking to an agent rose to 76% in 2014.

Shah and her team decided to build their own helpdesk solution. They have been using the helpdesk solution they built in-house for several years, getting the bugs out and making sure it had all the features working, before offering it as a product.

Some of the features of the AzureDesk software includes a ticket management system, the ability to convert support email into support tickets, an unlimited number of email addresses, a support center that helps answering customer’s questions when someone isn’t there to answer, integration with multiple applications including CC Agent/Customer Notification, Translate, integrating JIRA and Slack and reports on customer interaction and team performance. The startup has a Help link, explaining how to use the product.

If this sounds interesting to you, make sure to register now for a 14 day free trial. You can also follow the AzureDesk journey through their blog.

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