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UK’s digital fundraising platform Hubbub secures $1 million to expand in US

Hubbub is a UK-based company that provides digital fundraising solutions for the education and non-profit sectors. It just won a $1 million investment at VentureClash – a global investment challenge by Connecticut Innovations, which showcased eleven early-stage digital health and FinTech companies from eight countries. The winners of VentureClash secured an investment to establish their presence in Connecticut.

Hubbub was founded in 2011 and helps organizations to deliver mass engagement, participation and fundraising campaigns through mobile, web and social media. Products include white-label crowdfunding platforms with engagement of donors and connection to projects they care about. Data analytics software helps clients to identify and connect with potentially high-value donors to bring them onboard as well as raise money quickly and efficiently. Hubbub reaches nearly 25% of the higher education market in the United Kingdom. The London-based company has focused on building a solid base before expanding into the wider nonprofit market. Now it aims to replicate this market strategy in the United States as well.

Jonathan May, Hubbub’s CEO: “This is a big opportunity to leverage what we do and bring the solutions to the United States that are successfully used in the United Kingdom. We have gained highly credible partner who is invested in our growth and development. As a fast-growing company we are adding value to an increasing number of clients. We receive high customer success and retention rate in the United Kingdom.

Jonathan May emphasises that Connecticut is an ideal choice as it is ranked among the most innovative states and is in the US top seven for venture capital funding. There is also a high density of higher education opportunities – 42 universities and easy access to the bustling higher education centres of New York and Boston – making it “the obvious place to be” for Hubbub.

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