The growing importance of Black Friday for online stores and online shoppers in Finland


The importance of Black Friday in online retailing has grown significantly in Finland over the past couple of years according to a research made by ShopAlike. The interest towards Black Friday among online shoppers has grown each year, and Finnish online stores have started to meet this demand.

Online stores are starting to celebrate the sales day and this year a high number of online stores in the Nordics are offering Black Friday special deals. Black Friday was originally a sales day in the United States following Thanksgiving Day. Nowadays this sales day is also recognized in many other countries, Finland included. This year Black Friday is on the 25th of November.

For the online stores it is a great opportunity to boost sales before the holiday season. According to the head of marketing of ShopAlike, Sebastian Grebasch, Black Friday is now becoming an important sales day for online stores:

“We have seen that every year more online stores offer Black Friday discounts and vouchers. The shops have clearly realized the great potential and interest in Black Friday”
As you can see in the chart above, more people are searching for Black Friday offers online each year. The Black Friday searches on Google grew 172.73% from 2014 to 2015 and already last month “Black friday” was searched twice as many times compared to the October of the previous year. This predicts that the interest towards Black Friday will grow significantly this year as well.
Online shoppers can save a huge amount of money while buying items online on Black Friday. It is also a really convenient day to buy Christmas gifts and thereby avoid the December chaos and hazzle in stores. is a product comparison site that has gathered the best Black Friday discounts. On this page you can find some very attractive online vouchers and subscribe to ShopAlike’s Black Friday newsletter. You can also find ShopAlike’s not-so-serious Black Friday game and win special deals at some top online stores.

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