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Join Teamleader’s startup program and test their CRM, project management & invoicing solution 6 months for free (Sponsored)

Teamleader provides you with the software solution which allows you to take charge of operational essentials, so you can focus on important projects and relationships. With Teamleader you and your team are enabled to work smarter, and to grow your startup even faster.

Teamleader provides startups with a CRM, project management and invoicing solution, in one handy online tool. Its software, which also offers an integration with Mailchimp, Office 365, and other tools, enables your team to collaborate, organise and focus on building your business.

Founded in 2012, the Belgian software company Teamleader barely outgrown the startup phase itself. Today Teamleader is active in six European countries and employs about 100 people. With the „Teamleader for startup program“ the Gent-based company now wants to give back to the startup community.

You now have the chance to get 6 months of free access. In order to get accepted for the startup program you have to meet a few basic criteria. For e.g. your startup should be less than 3 years old and you should have raised less than €1 million in funding. Sounds interesting? Apply now!
So, how can Teamleader help your startup? Their software offers a solution for the entire flow from quote-to-cash: so instead of using separate stand-alone tools that are not only expensive, but also lead to a lot of duplicate data, Teamleader unifies CRM, invoicing and project planning in one user-friendly and affordable cloud based solution.

From tracking incoming leads and converting them into customers; to creating and following up on offers and invoices; to finally managing full project life-cycles, keeping track of milestones, tasks, meetings, calls and support tickets – Teamleader makes your life easier, so you can focus on growing your startup. Join Teamleader’s startup program now!

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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