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Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin announces the 10 startups which will join the first program cycle

Startupbootcamp, one of Europe’s leading accelerators, just announced the 10 startups that will join its Berlin-based Digital Health program which starts on the 7th of November.

After reviewing hundreds of applications from a total of 60 countries, the successful startups were chosen during an intense, two-day selection process. 21 finalists were invited to attend the Startupbootcamp Digital Health Selection Days in Berlin from 29th to 30th September and pitch their startups in intense interviews to 70 program mentors and corporate partners such as arvato CRM Healthcare, Deutsche Apotheker -und Ärtzebank (apoBank), Munich Health, Philips and Sanofi in Germany.

And here are the ten winning teams selected for the 2016 cohort:

FetView, Czech Republic: Evidence based decisions for physicians in female and fetal healthcare. The system supporting physicians analyzes medical images with Big Data and machine learning.

YuScale, Germany: Determines the carbohydrates and other nutritions of ready to eat meals which is the daily pain point for diabetics.

iRewardHealth, USA: An evidence-based incentive program motivating healthy behavior change through an adaptive reward system adjusting to user’s level of engagement.

Memoria, Israel: A location-based platform aimed at guiding, assisting and monitoring Alzheimer’s patients throughout their daily routines.

MediLad, Germany: A virtual health assistant (AI) that provides curated content in women’s health and Sexual Transmitted Diseased (STIs) through instant messaging platforms.

Paralign, USA: A thought and mood tracker with combined AIs that help users identify recurring thought patterns, creating support communities, building an on-demand marketplace for mental health.

Innovitas Vitae, Italy: A diagnostic biomarker screening (IMMUNOX™) to detect temporary infertility in women and a food supplement (NOFLAMOX™) as an effective approach for female infertility care.

Coronect, Germany: A unique medical device which sends cardiovascular vital signs directly to the cloud for physicians to analyze anywhere, anytime.

FindAir, Poland: A unique smart inhaler for people suffering from asthma that tracks all valuable geo-location based data that can help to prevent an asthma episode, reduce the needed medication dosage and teach users about the triggers.

Dermtest, Estonia: A Platforms-as-a-Service (PaaS) that helps people to get fast access to skin-cancer early detection services at the nearest GP’s practice.

Juliane Zielonka, Managing Director (Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin) stated: “From behavior change programs tackling depression, obesity, chronic disease to Big Data in Diagnostics and Genomics up to AI in clinical decision support, patient stratification, the selected startups are committed to transform healthcare for best possible outcomes using smart technology. It’s our mission to do our best to support them in their economical growth.”

In its first cycle, Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin focusses on behavior change, Platform-as-a-service, women’s health and mental health, artificial intelligence, big data and diagnosis.

As with all Startupbootcamp programs, the Digital Health ​startups will benefit from extensive mentorship from 100+ entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate partners. In addition to six months of free coworking space based in Berlin, the startups will each receive €15,000 seed funding, perks and special offers worth over €400,000. At the end of the three-month program, startups pitch at Demo Day to more than 150 investors.

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