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ParkBee secures €1.8 million, makes car parks available all day long, and expands in UK

Company car parks usually stand empty outside of normal working hours. That is the reason why Amsterdam-based ParkBee is making office building car park spaces accessible to the public in cooperation with the parking apps Parkmobile and Park-line. ParkBee just got the capital injection of €1.8 million from four informal investors and InnovationQuarter – the regional development agency for province of South Holland. The investment will speed up international expansion namely in UK.

The startup was founded in 2014 by Chinese entrepreneur Jian Jiang and UK entrepreneur Tom Buchmann, who lived as an expat in the Netherlands and is now active in the UK with the English expansion. Since its launch in October 2015 Parkbee has experienced rapid growth in Netherlands: 34 company car parks with a total of 1800 parking spaces have already signed up to its smart technology.

ParkBee is generating a new source of income for property owners. Motorists enjoy an attractive rate compared to the well-known commercial car parks, and they don’t need to spend as much time looking for a parking space. They can easily open the barrier with the parking app and then park safely in the garage. Municipalities also experience less parking pressure, which means that, for example, fewer large-scale investments in underground car parks are required.

ParkBee recently moved to Amsterdam to be closer to its partner, Parkmobile. Its R&D department will be located in Rotterdam, where the company will further develop its technology.

Rotterdam’s alderman for Employment and Economy Maarten Struijvenberg stated: “The city is pleased to welcome ParkBee in Rotterdam. Having such an innovative company located here is not only good for the city. ParkBee solution is, of course, also great for motorists.

ParkBee is using the investment to drive international growth and recently opened its first office in London. This marks the start of the company’s expansion abroad.

Co-founder Tom Buchmann: “ParkBee’s technology makes it simple to operate in different countries. Our technology is easy to integrate, and we have a good network in the property sector that provides us with parking spaces. Our growth in the Netherlands has shown what we can achieve.

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