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Koukoi Games secures $1M in funding and moves toward licensed IP mobile games

Koukoi Games from Oulu (Finland) has formed a new investment partnership with media focused VC fund IPR.VC and TEKES – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. Koukoi is going to enter Intellectual Property (IP) based game development market through licensing, developing and publishing a mobile game based on the IP.

Contributions by the media focused VC fund IPR.VC and the Finnish innovation funding agency TEKES bring the total sum of the investment to more than € 1 million. Koukoi has already started first licensed IP production, based on an upcoming “Hollywood” title. The young company will also continue to expand in the market by searching for new partners for future cooperation.

Antti Kananen, Koukoi Games CEO: “Through this funding Koukoi’s chances to create the next mobile game success story are further improved. This move also makes it possible for Koukoi to begin producing high quality mobile games in the IP market alongside our own original productions. We are now able to work and collaborate with world’s famous movie studios and brands which in turn greatly raises the potential for major success.

Koukoi Games is a mobile game startup founded in 2015. The company has focused on producing mobile games featuring exceptional production value and truly memorable experiences. The team includes game and tech industry veterans and includes employees from Nokia and Rovio Entertainment. In 2015, Koukoi a seed funding round. Earlier this year, EU-Startups.com mentioned Koukoi Games as one of the Finnish startups to look out for in year 2016.

Ieva Treija
Ieva Treija
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